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Week 5
~ Sick

What a bummer! My throat had been scratchy for a few days, and when the doctor checked it on Tuesday, it had a couple of ulcers on the back of it. Well, now I have a cold. Normally a cold wouldn't bother me too much, but I have been very worried that history will repeat itself. I took my temperature every couple of hours and THANKFULLY it stayed down. I have still been worrying though. Apparently, something mild like a cold won't harm the baby at all, but I can't help but think that it could, given the delicate stage of development my little Munchkin is at. I am consciously forcing myself to not obsess about this though - it will do no good and I just have to trust the doctor's reassurance.

I haven't had any real morning sickness yet, but then I never really suffered from it much with either of my previous pregnancies. In the past, I have felt kind of "seedy", and felt a bit nauseous at times, but have never had that day-long nausea and vomiting that many women experience. My breasts, on the other hand, are making sure they let me know my hCG is increasing! LOL! The pain is really quite bad but I don't mind because it proves to me that this really is happening!

I have been taking extra care with my diet. Eating issues have been a real problem for me in the past and I still have a tendency to worry a lot about my weight. I am NOT going to let myself do so to the point where it stops me eating well though! I am making my own orange juice, making wholemeal banana muffins for some snacks, and making sure that I eat some sort of lunch each day (I had a tendency to skip it and sometimes dinner too).

I booked in to see the obstetrician at 8 weeks and have also booked in for my 12 week nuchal translucency scan. I also did all the paperwork for the hospital. They are so popular there that you really have to book in as soon as you confirm your pregnancy or you miss out! I actually booked in while I was at the hospital visiting my Mum. It was so exciting to actually go to the Maternity Ward! It is SO long since I was last there and I can't wait for little Munchkin to be born.

By the weekend I was almost over my cold and I went out and did a bit of shopping. I got a little bunny rabbit wrist rattle for the baby and a navy ankle-length tube skirt that will be useful very soon and even after the birth. It isn't maternity, but I bought one a couple of sizes bigger than I usually am so it should last most of the way through the pregnancy.

Thomas has been very excited that I am pregnant again. He is such a little sweetie! He blows kisses at the baby and talks to my tummy, saying "Hello in there, you little Sweetheart!". When I am reading pregnancy magazines, he always takes a great interest, sometimes to the point where he doesn't want me to turn the page because he is so fascinated with a particular picture. He has said how he hopes that this baby doesn't die and said a little prayer to God (the first one he has said on his own) asking Him for this baby to please be okay.

I have been finding it hard to picture myself actually holding this baby next February - it seems like a dream rather than anything real. I am hoping and praying that this dream comes true!

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