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Week 20
~ The Realities of Pregnancy Are Now Setting In

So, now, I would say I definitely feel pregnant. Before, I sort of felt fake pregnant. I knew it in my head, but didn't feel it so much...

This week has been an interesting week of pregnancy experiences. First, 20 weeks marks the halfway point, but as a friend so aptly put it, I'm "not half as big as [I'm] going to get." But, I'm pretty much out of regular clothes and primarily in maternity clothes by now, which is new.

Next, we got to see the ultrasound of the baby, which was incredible. I couldn't believe how much the baby looked like a baby! And what's more, that that baby was inside me! How amazing! It was so cute and precious. Just an adorable little thing that I can't wait to see and meet properly. We found out the sex was "probably" a girl. Everything looked pretty girly in the nether region and the technician couldn't find boy parts, concluding it was probably a girl.

My mom arrived in town with a box full of baby clothes that I wore when I was little and the realities just continue sinking in. I feel a little humbled knowing that my survival at the same age as my baby was entirely dependent on her and I thanked her for it, despite how weird it sounded to say, "Um, thanks for carrying me for 9 months, Mom." She laughed. What else can you say to that?

Then, she and I registered for gifts and it was really my first walk through a baby store, thinking deeply through the realities of what it will mean to actually have a baby, including the challenges of giving her a bath, feeding her, dressing her, taking her with me places, and more. Trying to think through all the scenarios really made it hit home for me...

Then, we did a 3D ultrasound. Partly because I wanted to confirm the gender, partly because my mom was in town and I thought it would be fun for her, and partly just because I wanted one done! Sure enough, it's definitely a girl! And she is so precious. I can't wait to meet her!!! Watched the video with my husband later (he was too sick with the flu to join us at the ultrasound place) and burst into tears. So emotional...

This week also marked my first experiences with some of the more negative pregnancy symptoms, such as back pain and, well, let's just say that sneezing is no longer as enjoyable as it used to be, so I'm working hard on Kegels to combat the effects. For the first time in my life I actually considered buying orthopedic inserts for my shoes because even my flats were sort of hurting my back! This from the girl who swore up and down to wear heels all through pregnancy. What is happening to me?!

All these realities and events in one week! It's been tough to absorb them all, although mostly they are very exciting. I don't have much longer to finish sewing up all that maternity stuff I wanted to make. And, after that, I won't have long to start sewing baby stuff! I better get on it!
~ Hannah

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