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Week 22
~ Halloween and Our Baby's First Outfit

HalloweenThis week was rather uneventful from the baby side. I keep feeling her move, which I love and really nothing is new, except that Halloween came around and it was a very fun way for me to show off my pregnancy! As you can see from the picture, I was a pregnant skeleton, complete with a baby skeleton on my belly. I made it myself by painting black clothes with fabric paint. Unfortunately, though, in the large sweatshirt and sweatpants, you could barely tell I had a belly, so some people still reacted hesitantly, "Is that because you . . . are . . . pregnant?" And I would reply, "Yes, yes! I am!" Some people called it cute. Others called it creepy and disturbing. I thought it was a great way to show it off and it was by far the warmest costume I've ever worn, which I loved.

22 weeksThen, later on this week, Aaron and I decided to check out the after-Halloween costume sales. We were trying to find a costume for him for next year. He couldn't decide on anything, but we did find an adorable baby costume for our baby for next year! It's a cute little Princess Leia outfit from Star Wars. It includes a little white dress and a hat that looks like her circular braids. We calculated that the baby would be about 7 months by next Halloween and bought that size. The funniest part about this is that this is the first item that we have bought for our baby! A Halloween costume! So cute.

I'm also including a picture of me at 22 weeks. I'm starting to feel a bit big when I put clothes on these days. If I wear a skirt or a dress, it just hangs straight down from my belly, making it look like I'm wearing a tent.
~ Hannah

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