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Week 23
~ The Realities Are Starting to Sink In

I am definitely wearing maternity clothes or bigger-than-normal regular clothes at this point (mostly just shirts in that category) and feeling the baby move all the time.

Aaron's cousin and his wife had a baby last week and, looking at the pictures, I was very excited to know that was going to be us soon--and a little jealous that they were already there. Although, I have so much to do before the baby is born, I'm not that jealous!

One thing I realized this week, though, was just how infrequently I will be able to go and do fun things with just my husband after the baby is born. The two of us won't really be able to just take off and go do something alone. I started to get a little scared and worried about it because we don't have family around, so we don't even have the option of dropping off the baby with the grandparents and going to do something together or with other people, if we are invited out. Our options will instead be: 1) One of us goes, 2) We pay for someone to watch the baby, or 3) We bring the baby. For most situations in the evening, #3 really won't work... Not in a nice restaurant or in a bar, anyway. On the plus side, I'm compiling lists of fun things we can do with the baby during the day and reminding myself we can still do some evening things with the baby--just not as many and not as often.

I'm mourning my loss of freedom a bit right now and realizing that I must LIVE IT UP NOW! While I still can . . .

Other new baby developments include:

* We start the Bradley Method birthing class next week and I'm reading The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. I've been thinking about the labor and delivery almost since day 1, but now I'm realizing that if the baby was accidentally born right around now, she might be able to survive. It that puts it into perspective.

* My cousin also sent us a big box of baby toys--overwhelming!

* We bought our plane tickets back to the Midwest and the South for Christmas where we will have baby showers and such.

* I scheduled my husband and I in a new parenting class and a breastfeeding class because I'm starting to panic a little that the baby is coming soon and I'm not really ready!

* I'm starting to think about meal planning for after the baby is born so that I can still eat healthy with minimal time and hopefully do so without breaking the bank.

* We learned about our company's new benefits that are changing in January and I learned what it will cost me to have a baby and had to think through what will happen to add the baby to our insurance when she is born. Then I learned how many doctor's appointments the baby will need!

* I realized I'm going to be giving birth a short two months after the new year and that my maternity leave starts in just three months or less.

It's all starting to seem real. Really real. I just hope I can get everything ready in time!
~ Hannah

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