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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Heather Baggett's pregnancy journal.

Heather and Steve Baggett are proud to share the chronicles of their first pregnancy! The two have been married for three years, and conceived after six months of trying. Heather continued to work full-time throughout her pregnancy and started graduate school. Her son was born September 15, 2002.

Here's Heather's pregnancy journal week by week with updates to follow!

Heather Baggett's Journal Entries

Meet Heather

Week 11
Second Prenatal Appointment

Week 12
Needing Extra Support

Week 13
Gaseous Vapors & the Boss

Week 14

Week 15
Watching Water Boil

Week 16
A Dramatic Reaction to Disappointment

Week 17
Feeling Like Superwoman

Week 18
Artist at Work

Week 19
Elefeetitis and Noshoefitia

Week 20

Week 21
A Letter to Sam

Week 22

Week 23
Weighty Decisions

Week 24
Presenting Sam

Week 25
Singer Extraordinaire

Week 26
Now Entering the Twilight Zone

Week 27
My Personal Top Ten

Week 28
Extraneous Worries

Week 29
Down with the Dogs

Week 30

Week 31
You Call That Edible?

Week 32
Questions and More Questions

Week 33

Week 34
Superwoman Takes A Nosedive

Week 35
Toxemia, AKA Insanemia

Week 36
No Black Market Pitocin

Week 37
Batter, Batter SWING!

Birth Story
A Surprise Occurrence

Sam's 12th Week
A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Now and Then
Sam's 4-month Update

The Wild Ride
One Year Update

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