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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Second Prenatal Appointment

On the way to our OB's office, I discussed Doppler with my husband. See, I was a veterinary nurse for several years. I worked in internal medicine and emergency and critical care. We used Doppler daily, as well as ultrasound. I became quite adept at sonogramming dogs and cats, and through one friend's pregnancy, babies (Shhh! Don't tell my old employers!) . Anyway, I was explaining to my husband how difficult it would be for us to hear our baby's heartbeat with Doppler. I told him how hard it was to isolate a cat's blood flow without having to go through abdominal fat (what, I don't have any abdominal fat!!?? Ha!), muscle and a thickened uterus. Not to mention isolation while the uterus is still within the confines of the pelvic girdle. So, he understood that we might not hear the baby's heartbeat.

We arrived at the OB's, and for the first time in my life we didn't have to wait for at least an hour. (Yeah, yeah, I understand why we have to wait so long, but it doesn't mean I can't complain, does it?) Dr. F came in, armed with the Doppler unit, and we set about trying to hear the heartbeat. After a few minutes, she told us that it probably wasn't too productive to keep trying. I think we both looked at Steve at the same time, and he was as pale as any man can get. Dr. F must have understood how frightened my husband was, and she suggested we wait a few minutes for a quick sonogram. We didn't really feel like waiting, so we left. Ha--just kidding! Of course we waited!

So, in to the sonogram room we went. Of course my bladder was as empty as it could be (after all, I'd just peed in a cup!). Dr. F found my uterus, but the contents was quite hazy since we didn't have a nice bladder to help isolate the sound waves. At any rate, I saw my husband in even more despair as she paused to walk across the room to turn off the lights. (I was never worried--never, not one bit!) Dr. F came back to the sonogram machine and immediately isolated the bladder, and, lo and behold, there was our little gummy bear. Only not so gummy-bear sized this time! She was about 2 1/2 inches long, fully developed, with an excellent heartbeat. When the transducer pushed into my uterus, she threw her arms up over her head and kicked her legs! This is the part where my husband and I shed a few tears. Too bad we couldn't confirm my suspicions of GB being a girl!

I've sonogrammed pregnant dogs and cats; I've sonogrammed my pregnant friend. Each time, I was like, "Yeah, that was cool--baby moved. Let's have lunch." But this time was amazing! My gosh--the difference when the baby is your own! I am growing a child in me! It is real, alive and as precious as can be! For all of you experienced mothers, I'm sure you understand the feelings of amazement. For all first-timers who haven't seen your baby yet--the view is amazing! I am still smiling one week later!

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