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Week 12
~ Needing Extra Support

This morning I started a new tradition. Remember that old children's song Do Your Ears Hang Low? It goes:

Do your ears hang low?
Can you swing them to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot; can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulder like a continental soldier?
Do your ears hang low?

Okay, now replace the word ears with breasts, or boobs, or your favorite connotation. And that, my friends, is an accurate description of how my breasts feel. Ouch. So, my new tradition is to sing that song every morning as I'm trying to stuff 'em into a 38D extra support, cast-iron bra.

I grew up riding horses, and I don't think I ever needed as much support as what I need now. Of course, I was a bit smaller pre-pregnancy. Okay, a lot smaller.

We had Jarren this past weekend. At first, he was not very excited about this pregnancy. I think he really enjoyed coming to our house and being the only child. He enjoys being doted on (as we all do), and I think he believes those days will end. I have discussed with him, at length, that the role the baby will play in our home is equal. She will not take precedence over Jarren. We will make time for Jarren and will still enjoy his company and love him every bit as much as we do now. I think he understood. Anyway, he seems much happier now about a new sister (or brother). We were very busy this weekend, moving furniture and gardening, and Jarren was so helpful. He was concerned about the amount of activities I was performing and kept asking me if I should take a break. He is such a wonderful child.

When I met my husband, I was very unsure how I would feel about Jarren. I knew I would care for him, but I never knew I would love him so much.

The best news about this week is that my nausea is rapidly fading. In fact, is it lunchtime yet? I am starving! I could eat a whole side of beef, and I don't really care for meat! I don't really have specific cravings, but when I decide I want a particular type of food, look out world because I am on a hunt. My husband is exceptionally patient with desires and always cooks accordingly. Yes, my husband cooks, not me. I burn water. I poison people. I have no desire to learn. Some people say I will have to, but my answer is, "Many men never learn how to cook and their children grow up to have gender stereotyping problems, as well as plenty of nutritious foods. I am just reversing the stereotype." So there.

I am also beginning to experience round ligament pain. Sometimes it can be a little alarming, and I feel like panicking, but then rationale me takes over. I'm fine. Our GB is doing well. I guess the uncertainty of pregnancy prepares you for the uncertainty of raising children.

Well, over and out for now.

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