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Week 14
~ Discombobulated

Some people claim that there's woman to blame . . . but I know, it's my husband's fault (sing in your best Jimmy Buffet voice). Just kidding, of course. What I was really going to say is that some people claim that the first thing to go in pregnancy is your body. Let me set the record straight. The first thing to go is your mind. Can your hormones turn a normally intelligent person into a blithering idiot? (Yes, I was intelligent, no matter what anyone may tell you.) Last week, I drove to work twice without my purse or my briefcase. I did, however, remember my lunch. Both times. Fitting, eh? Am I destined to be forgetful and discombobulated forever? Is this a transitional condition? How will I survive graduate school if I can't remember to bring my head with me to class? Maybe I should sew it on a little tighter.

I'm sorry, what was I talking about?

Oh yes, my forgetfulness. I'm forgetting everything. I forgot deodorant one day. Don't panic-I smelled myself early in the day and pulled some from my gym bag. The next day I forgot my gym bag. Today I went to play a concert for church, and I forgot my violin! Just pulling your leg-I'm not that bad.

On a lighter note, I had the first person ask to touch my stomach today. I thought it was so odd since I'm only 14 weeks, working on the fifteenth. Why would someone want to just feel my stomach? There is no kicking, no activity. Hmmm. I think it will forever remain a mystery.

My next prenatal appointment is April 11th. I think this is by far the slowest month I've ever had. I so desperately want to hear GB's heartbeat. I just need that confirmation. Maybe it is because of all the cramping. Hurry up April 11th!

I have had two dreams that little GB is a boy. I want a girl, but something just tells me I'm getting little Samuel Bryan rather than Avery Caroline. Little Sam. Little Sammy. We won't find out the sex until early May. I don't want to quite think about that though. I just want to get to April 11th. We decided to do the alpha fetoprotein testing. I was not very excited about it-after all, what would I do if I found out there was an abnormality? I'll just not leave my mind open for that right now. My husband felt so strongly about getting it done that I just felt like his reasons were perhaps better than mine. He is 50 percent part of the parenting process, so he should have some pull.

Goodbye for now!

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