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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Watching Water Boil

Steve and I began the process of trying to replace all of our windows and doors in the house as soon as we found out about our pregnancy. We planned it perfectly--we ordered when we were eight weeks pregnant, we would get the windows installed by 15 weeks (this week) and we'd get them trimmed and painted by 17 weeks. Of course things never work out as planned . . .

First of all, the windows and doors did not arrive until this past weekend (almost two weeks late), and the windows were half the size we ordered! The store from which we ordered assured us that they would rush the reorder, and we should have them within three weeks. Right. I'll believe it when I see it. We will get the doors installed this Wednesday, so at least something will get done, but I want to hurry up and get the nursery completed--I mean, by yesterday--and now I have to wait. Somebody call a whah--ambulance (a popular phrase amongst elementary students--my maturity level at the moment)! I am just one of those people that has everything organized months in advance, and I go insane when I can't follow my plans specifically. The windows have to be replaced before the baby comes, however, because our current ones are useless. I mean useless. They kind of stop the breeze, but that is about it. We cannot sit on our couch in front of the windows on cold nights. If we do, we have to wear long underwear and a heavy winter coat. Sometimes it seems colder by our windows than outdoors!

Okay, I'll stop whining about that. Really, there is not much going on this week. Just anxiously awaiting our prenatal visit on Thursday. And we've been sitting around watching water boil. It is as exciting as waiting for an appointment.

As for graduate school, I have been accepted, but I still have to take my GRE. I did a brief sample test on the Internet and was a bit surprised at the level of difficulty. So I tromped through the rain to the bookstore and bought a 10,000-page (at least it seems that daunting) review book. And here I thought I'd get to relax with a good book while I was pregnant. My own fault I guess. Too busy trying to get out of this job and into the teaching field.

Tune in next week for exciting news about the sound of our baby's heartbeat!

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