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Week 17 ~ April 19, 2002
~ Feeling Like Superwoman

Operation Doppler was a success! I drove three hours (should have been two) south, fighting downtown and it-is-raining-so-I-have-to-drive-10mph traffic to get to the hospital where my sister works. The emergency room was extremely busy, so I wound up lying on the floor in the employee dressing room to hear little GB's heartbeat. It was 156--perfect for a fetus. It was regular and perfect. I am very excited.

After we did Doppler, we walked down to the sonogram room, but the sonographer was very busy. I really wasn't too disappointed to miss out on a sonogram; after all, my primary goal was to hear the heartbeat. Steve was a little sad he didn't get to come with me, but his job is pretty demanding so it is a big deal if he calls in sick or takes a day off. Sometimes I miss having a demanding job--you know, the kind where no one can live without you, but then I remember that my current job allows for prenatal appointments and pregnancy without guilt. I don't love my job, but it has its benefits.

So, I received even more proof that GB is doing well. I felt him move a couple of nights ago! I know it is a bit early compared to some other pregnancies, but I really am sure that it was him I felt. Just a tiny little tapping from the inside. When people compare it to butterflies, it makes me think I should have felt multiple, rapid tappings, but it really wasn't like that. I felt it at night while lying on my left side. When I turned on my back, it stopped. I smiled the whole night. Steve said smiling while sleeping makes me snore. Sorry honey.

This week I feel compelled to talk about maternity clothes. Here I sit in my gunnysack, just wishing I could fit into my old clothes. I stand in my closet every morning for at least 20 minutes trying to decide which XL maternity outfit I'm going to wear. I put one on. Too big. I take it off. I put on my baggiest non-pregnant pants. Can't button them. Hang everything back up. I then pull out a different maternity outfit. Put it on. It looks too big. I take it off. Then I put it back on. Then I leave for work feeling as if I am drowning in my clothes. Of course, all of this occurs after I've put on my cast-iron bra and maternity panties.

Maternity panties. Girls, they are the greatest invention since sliced bread. Who knew that such large panties could feel so comfortable? I've not once had to pull them out of my you-know-where. They don't ride; they don't pinch; and they don't restrict. They are so unsexy. When I wear them, I feel like Superwoman. I'm sure you are all wondering about the correlation between maternity panties and Superwoman. I can't explain. Actually, I can explain but I don't feel like I know any of you well enough. Sorry. You guys will have to use your imagination.

Back to Operation Doppler. When I drove home, I got to drive through major storms that included flooding, hail and tornadoes. I made it home safely in my maternity panties, so I felt even more like Superwoman!

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