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Week 20 ~ May 13, 2002
~ Whew!

I'm so thankful to not be getting any sleep right now. Last night I may have bagged about three hours, but I finally lost count. The night before? About five. This seems to be an ongoing battle as my back begins to complain more and more. But this is a good thing, because once the baby is born, I will be such a pro at not getting any sleep. I will be able to accomplish ALL of my required tasks on no sleep at all. I'm a mommy-in-training. I think I'm passing all the tests thus far-so bring on the harder tests baby, cause I'm ready!

I had my first official Mother's Day this year. It was very exciting to be brought into the elite ranks of motherhood. Of course I am Jarren's step mom, but I never really received an official Mother's Day acknowledgement, so this day was even more special. We have been doing so much landscaping in our backyard that I had desperately wanted patio furniture, and it was delivered by my husband and Jarren. They got it set up while I was out running errands, and when I came home Steve led me out on the back porch. I was so pleased. We had a cookout on Sunday, and both Steve's parents and mine came over, as well as one of my friends. Even though storms were brewing, I insisted on sitting outside on our new furniture. I'm sure everyone thought I was crazy, but hey, this was a cookout! Sitting inside just won't do when you are cooking out! Otherwise, we'd call it a cook-in!

Afterwards, mom and I went to Home Depot, and I got my first big lecture about taking more time for myself. Apparently everyone thinks I'm working too hard. And I am. I can only describe it in this way--I am competing with being pregnant. (Yes, I am excruciatingly similar to Monica from the TV show, Friends.) If I feel too tired to do something, I think, "Would I be able to accomplish this in a non-pregnant state?" If the answer is yes, I push myself to get it done. So on any given day, I can get up, go to work, come home, do some chores, walk the dog, get some laundry done, do some light home improvements, pick up the house, wash the dishes, brush the dog, pay attention to the cats, and if we have Jarren, help him with his homework. All the while trying to study for my GRE and practice my violin. So I know that there is something seriously wrong with my thinking, but how do I get over this feeling that I have to do everything? I know--I should stop wearing my maternity panties that make me feel like Superwoman (see previous journal entry). What I want to know is what kind of nutcase feels like she should be able to do twice as much pregnant as any normal person does without all the added bonuses of pregnancy? At any rate, my mom gave me a "what for" and a "how to." Apparently, when our windows come in (which could be NEVER), I am not allowed to stay at my own house. She is kidnapping me and taking me to our family cabin. That way I'm forced into a weekend of relaxation. I'm not really sure what that word means, but apparently I will get an opportunity to discover it!

So, two more days and we will find out the gender of our baby. Our OB does not have a VHS set-up on the sonogram machine, so we'll have no videotapes to show our parents. In order to make some money, we sold tickets to our parents--$100 per person to come along to the appointment! (Just kidding of course.) I wonder if the sonogram room has stadium seating? They are all very excited about the new grandchild, so I am happy to have them along. I can't wait to see the look on the sonogram technician's face when six people traipse into the exam room.

I hope you all had as fabulous a Mother's Day as I!

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