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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 24 ~ June 10, 2002
~ Presenting Sam

I cannot believe that I am already 24 weeks pregnant. Where has the time gone? Can it be that I've only 16 more weeks? This past week has been so exciting. I've read that the 24th through the 26th weeks are the most exciting, as a baby moves more than ever during this time. I feel my little circus performer daily, at least 4 to 5 hours a day. Apparently, he enjoys the trapeze most of all. I feel him leaping off the platform, bravely catching the swing, then somersaulting downward, landing on the bladder net. I think he enjoys feeling me squirm as I go from not needing to urinate to suddenly verging on wetting my maternity panties. After landing full force on my bladder, Sam leaps back up to the swing, and pushes his legs forward and backward, pumping furiously so that he may kick me square in the stomach, pushing food back up into my esophagus. He just wants me to taste that yummy food once more. What a thoughtful little baby he is . . .

I look forward to Sam entering his martial arts phase. Apparently, this will occur when I'm around 30 weeks pregnant. I look forward to feeling the "rib roundhouse kick," accurately placed each time. Will he be a black belt by 30 weeks, or will that prestigious-colored belt not arrive until later? Based on his activity now, I'll project that he'll be the strongest and fastest martial arts miracle in the whole world.

So, I have to admit, I used to look at younger guys (don't worry, over the age of 18) and admire their strong physique and handsome features. Now I look at any guy under the age of 25 and ask myself, "Will Sam look like that? Will he be that polite? Will he have a job like this guy?"

Does this mean I'm getting older? Do all mommies and mommies-to-be spend their time dreaming of who their child will become? I certainly do. I love to close my eyes and picture his face. I see him at age 8, 16 and 22. I can picture the smile on his face as he graduates from high school, from college, and lastly, from medical school. I picture his determination as he's running for President of the United States, and his glee when he discovers he has won the race! I see the intelligence etched in his face as he makes the next big decision for our country . . .

I see pure love as he gazes lovingly at his wife and child. I can hear the phone ringing-I pick it up, and it is Sam, asking me a question about raising a child. He'll say, "Mom, you did such a good job raising me, I just wanted your advice." As I dream, the tears roll down my face because I know I'm bringing a child into the world, and he will have limitless opportunity. And because I know that no matter what path he chooses, I will love him. And admire him. And respect him.

I also know that no matter the discomforts I am feeling, I will never remember them. I will only think of our instant connection as Sam and I see each other face-to-face for the very first time.

Forgive me all, for I have to address one particular person who emailed me. I answer each of you, and someone emailed me regarding my last entry (I won't mention names). I replied, and it was sent back to me as a failed delivery. If you did not receive a reply, email me again-perhaps with a new address. I'm not sure what happened, but I really wanted to answer your question.

Happy dreaming to each of you!

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