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Week 29 ~ July 16, 2002
~ Down with the Dogs

I have finally determined that all weird, silly things happen to me, and me alone. I say this because I am just sure that I am the only pregnant woman that manages to get herself bit by some dog in her 29th week of gestation. What kind of crazy woman sticks her arm in a dog's mouth and allows him to use it as a chew toy? Apparently, just me. Did I do it because the poor dog had no toys, and I felt so desperately sorry for him? Perhaps I did it as an experiment--you know, how are nerves affected when faced with trauma during pregnancy? For all you scientists that are wondering--nerves are affected in the same manner as when not pregnant!

Seriously though, I went to my girlfriend's house last Saturday. She picked up a stray about three months ago. He's kind of a freaky little dog. He was most certainly abused at some point in his life, so those behaviors don't mesh well with his propensity toward being odd and anxious (some of his personality IS purely genetic). Anyway, the dog knows me quite well--I'm the one that has done all his ear inspections, toenail clippings, etc. My friend and I were talking about my giving him a full-body clip, so she pulled him toward me (he does not come when called); I took hold of his collar with my left hand; and Wally (the dog) absolutely freaked out. He began immediately trying to bite me. At first it was malicious intentions, but because I did not let go (to avoid getting bit) he did get scared and resorted to fear-driven behavior. Well, big, cumbersome, pregnant me was just not quick enough. So I got bit. Probably the worst dog bite I've ever had (after eight years in veterinary medicine, I've been bitten lots of times). Currently, I can't feel my thumb and pointer finger (see, nerves are affected the same while pregnant!). I've four big puncture wounds on my wrist and forearm, as well as claw marks up and down my legs. Wally tried to climb me in his haste to bite me.

Darn that blood that ruined my new shoes!

I wasn't too worried about getting bit, but I was concerned about how an infection might affect Sam. I called my OB and was able to get started on antibiotics immediately. Apparently there really wasn't a reason for concern, but I couldn't help but to worry about it anyway. Thank you Augmentin for keeping those nasty little bacterium out of my wounds and for keeping Sam safe!

Yes, yes, I will try to avoid dog wrestling for the remainder of my pregnancy.

In other news, graduate school is going fairly well. I've two major projects due this Saturday and my final on July 27th, which is the same day as my first baby shower. (I'm so excited!) This one will be Hawaiian themed--I know, you are all wondering, "Why on earth?" Well, because nothing I do is conventional--that's why! We will have fruity frozen drinks with little umbrellas! We'll have fruit served in coconut bowls! I think it will be a hoot. And I am thankful for friends that know and understand my lack of conventionality! Without them, where would I be?

Sam seems to be doing quite well crunched tightly in my abdomen. I am feeling him more and more at night. I am finally seeing my abdomen move when he kicks, which is something I've watched for consistently. In fact, the other day I had a book resting on my belly and he kicked so hard the book moved! Isn't that sweet? I heard him say, "Hiiiiyyyaaaa!" just as he kicked. What a good boy!

Jarren is back from his month long hiatus in Colorado. He had a great time at camp, and I look forward to him coming for the weekend. I can't wait to hear all his stories about his first trip to the mountains! We did miss him so . . .

Well, happy mid-July to you all! Next week I will have reports from my next OB appointment (which may or may not be covered by our new insurance-more about that next week)!

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