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Week 30 ~ July 22, 2002
~ Kidnapped

I cannot believe I've made it to the big 3-0! Thirty weeks, that is. I'm shocked at where all the time has gone. I know they say that time flies when you are having fun, but am I having fun? Okay-you can all gasp! I know I should never admit to not having the time of my life during pregnancy!

I had a fantastic weekend. My parents came to my house, drugged me, tied me, and threw me in the car to take me to Oklahoma for a relaxing weekend. Okay, so they didn't drug and tie me, but they did steal me away from Steve. It was so wonderful being at the cabin! I had a king-size bed to myself (sorry honey, you know how much I normally love sleeping with you). I did feel sorry for my parents, as they could never get a chance at taking a bath! My bathtub at home was originally designed for people 5'3" and under, so I hate cramming myself into a tub that is so uncomfortable. The cabin tub, however, is a big Jacuzzi tub. It is so inviting-so much so that I took four baths in two days! I also went swimming at the lake. I usually spend about 30 minutes swimming and then I'm ready to hike. This time, however, I spent a total of 30 minutes outside of the water (over the course of seven hours). It felt so nice to bob around in cool water. My edema decreased; I felt weightless (quite a feat these days); and I was completely refreshed. I would definitely suggest swimming to all pregnant women. It certainly encourages me to find more time to swim. I was thinking I could jump in my neighbor's pool in the middle of the night. I mean, I'm awake after all, so why not use my time wisely? Surely they wouldn't notice a teeny, tiny pregnant woman splashing about at 3 a.m.!

I had my 30-week OB appointment this morning. I was pleased to be declared in perfect health. I was concerned about some heart palpitations I was experiencing, but I was told I'm normal (who wants to be normal?) and all is well. I thought 30 to 40 heart palps a day was an exorbitant amount, but Dr. F did not seem alarmed by it at all. She did offer to refer me to a cardiologist, but since she was so confident in my health, I decided not to fret about a fluttering chest!

As for my insurance . . . Steve's company originally had a wonderful health plan. So, of course it needed to change. I mean, we can't feel too comfortable in our insurance, can we? His insurance changed to one that does not include any of my existing doctors in their network. Dr. F's office staff assured me that the new insurance company would temporarily include her in the network, but when we received the precertification notice we found out they only approved my delivery and not any additional prenatal appointments. I tried to call the insurance provider four times last week, but after holding for 20 minutes each time, I'd hang up. So this morning I went to the appointment blind-either I'd have to pay for the whole visit or I'd finally get the disaster straightened out. It did get somewhat straightened out, but I had to pay a second pregnancy co-pay, only through a different insurance company. The original insurance company had a $200 pregnancy deductible. The rest was covered. This plan pays for 90 percent, so this morning I had to pay the remaining 10 percent of estimated global pregnancy costs. Thank goodness for MasterCard, my new best friend. MasterCard pays for all sorts of things these days-outfits from Baby Gap, a lifetime supply of ice cream . . .

I definitely feel like I'm on the homestretch of pregnancy. Ten more weeks . . . I just keep telling myself that over and over. Who knows, maybe Sam will decide to come out and play a bit early? Of course, I want him to cook 'til his full temperature, you know, wait until the belly button pops out to let me know he's done, but I wouldn't object to a birth around, oh, 38 or 39 weeks. I know it is highly unlikely, but if I just think about it enough, well, maybe . . .

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