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Week 31 ~ July 31, 2002
~ You Call That Edible?

Isn't it amazing how you can wake up one morning and realize that there is still so much left to do to prepare for your new arrival, then, miraculously, by the end of the day you are prepared-armed with bottles, clothes, an infant travel system, bouncy seat, baby swing and many other perceived necessities? Can you say, "Thank you baby shower?" My baby shower was so great. Everyone dressed in their best Hawaiian outfits-I was almost forced into wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra, but the evil forces that be did not win that battle, fortunately. Even Sam made an appearance! He bought me a great pair of pajamas and some lotion, and somehow, through his Grandma, picked out the perfect card for his Mommy! Yes, Saturday was a great day. I got to see so many old friends-some of whom I haven't seen in years. I think the talking was incessant; in fact, we only managed to play one game before some people needed to leave.

Baby shower games can be very frightening. We got the pleasure of sniffing little jars of food and trying to guess what vegetable, meat or fruit turned into some unrecognizable monstrosity. Did you know that they all smells like bodily fluids? I never identified any as truly edible foods. Instead, I smelled bile, diarrhea, urine and many more yucky smells. No way have carrots ever smelled so disgusting! It gave me a whole new perspective on what it is like to be a baby. No wonder some babies are on a bottle for years. If I had been a smarter child, I would have stuck to milk too!

I've one more shower this Sunday, and I very much look forward to that one as well, but I am hopeful that I won't have to sniff anymore baby "foods."

Steve and I had a big date last night-we went to go see "Stomp," a musical production. We had such a good time. Everyone should see "Stomp" at least once in a lifetime. The show was fantastic, and Sam responded to all the sounds accordingly. He seemed to be moving right along to the beat. For those of you who don't know, "Stomp" is a percussion group that uses broomsticks, basketballs, lighters, matchboxes, garbage cans, kitchen sinks, and many other mundane items as musical instruments. The show was a blast, and the whole audience got involved. We could look all around us and see 80-year-old grandmothers tapping their feet and bobbing their heads! It was so nice to go out and have a good time, as I've been so exhausted lately I hardly want to leave the house.

I made a new addition to my pregnancy wardrobe last week-something that I have decided I couldn't live without. I got a bellyband, also known as a belly support. Actually, I need to give Steve credit for this, as he went out and bought it for me. The thing looks like nothing-just a piece of fabric that straps around your back and underneath your belly. It has made such a significant difference in my back though-I notice a difference in muscle ache almost immediately after putting it on. It looks a little awkward, however, as even though you can wear it underneath clothing you can still see lines and bunches. But who cares? Like I'm going to compromise backache for bulkiness! I've spent years worrying about panty lines, so I won't even stress myself out about bellyband lines when it means increased comfort.

I'm working pretty hard to try and stay cool. We have the air conditioning turned down to 70 degrees at night, and I get such a chuckle out of Steve walking around in his fleece pajamas, violently shivering as he struggles to get comfortable underneath 12 blankets in bed. Part of me wants to make him more comfortable by turning up the thermostat, but then the selfish (I'm allowed right now!), pregnant me says, "Ha! You get to be as uncomfortable as me!"

So-stay cool all of you, even if it means freezing husbands and partners out of house and home!

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