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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33 ~ August 14, 2002
~ Gelalegs

Once again, I feel the need to give advice.

Take a breastfeeding class. I've never benefited so much from any one class-not even calculus-based physics, which we all know is imperative to daily functioning. Seriously though, I learned so much from taking the class. And it really put my mind at ease. I began the class with a "maybe I can do it, maybe I can't do it" attitude; and I ended the class with an "of course I can do this, it just might take a few weeks of getting used to" attitude. Now, how beneficial is that?

Breastfeeding class is the only one we've attended. Sure, we considered childbirth preparation courses, but truthfully, I've got a video I can watch from the comfort of my own home. I've also participated in the births of many kittens, puppies and horses; now, how different can it be? I mean, we are all pushing huge things out of a tiny opening (okay, horses' vaginal openings aren't that tiny, but compared to the foal, they are!), right? At any rate, I really enjoyed the class and am so thankful I designated the three and one-half hours to do so. Steve was really worried he'd be the only man in attendance, but most of the ladies were accompanied by their partners.

While I was in the class I felt the need to carefully inspect the ankles of every other woman there. I was dismayed to see that I could see anklebones on all-except me. I long to see my bones and veins. I could probably convince someone that my bones had dissolved with pregnancy, as they are that invisible. My legs look like Jello-filled entities:

(Follow the bouncing ball)

See them wiggle, watch them jiggle, Jello gelalegs

My arms and wrists have even gotten involved in the swelling. I finally am experiencing that glorious pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome. It isn't necessarily painful, but annoying. I thought it was really interesting to learn that my sudden decrease in vision is also a product of pregnancy. Apparently, the increased fluid retention can make your once nearsighted eyes twice as bad. I have to laugh though, it seems that everything could be attributed to pregnancy. So far we've got mosquito attraction (another interesting fact: mosquitoes are attracted to increased heat and carbon dioxide-both of which hot and panting pregnant ladies create), eye problems, headaches, swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, backache, bellyache, heartburn, heart murmurs and palpitations; oh bother, the list goes on and on.

At one time I convinced myself that Sam was blind because he never bothered to respond to flashlights brightly shining in his face. But alas, it seems he has vision! Last night I spent 20 minutes vexing him with the flashlight. He was quite responsive. They (whoever "they" are) say that a baby will reach toward the light while in the womb. I think Sam was trying to kick and push it to extinguish the irksome presence. It was great fun though, just as it is to read and sing to him. He always responds to whichever books I choose to read, but he particularly seems to like Pooh's Book of Manners, especially when I impersonate (or attempt to) Tigger.

Just a few more weeks, and I can actually watch him while I read!

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