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Week 35 ~ August 28, 2002
~ Toxemia, AKA Insanemia

Now, how could anyone possibly think bedrest could be fun? I can't tell you how many people have made flippant comments about "how nice it must be to get so much rest." Are they crazy? Or lazy? Hmmm. I could make a poem out of that:

Only in the mind of a crazy
Could the attraction be found
In the days of a person so lazy . . .

Okay-I said I was a professional writer, not a poet. At any rate, this bedrest thing is for the birds. I keep trying to optimize my four hours a day at work, but it isn't working. And to make matters worse, my blood pressure is rising! Mostly my diastolic (bottom number) is affected, but, unfortunately, that is the most important number when measuring blood pressure. Dr. F said last Monday that if it doesn't stop its current trend, I would be put on full bedrest-by as early as this coming Monday. Yuck. I did manage to lose 3 pounds of water weight after one week of taking it easy, however. It was a nice surprise to see I'd lost weight vs. the usual gain. I got a chuckle out of the list of symptoms I am to monitor-headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, extreme fatigue and excessive edema. If I was not pregnant, I would say that the list was well-defined and the symptoms easy to identify. But, being pregnant, I think the list is way too obscure.
  1. Headache: I have had frequent headaches throughout this pregnancy, so what differentiates a blood pressure-headache from a pregnant-headache?
  2. Dizziness: Isn't this part of being pregnant also?
  3. Lightheadedness: This comes with the heart palpitations, which were declared normal a few weeks ago.
  4. Extreme fatigue: Hello, I'm carrying around an extra 40 pounds and building a baby! Of course I'm fatigued!
  5. Excessive edema: Anyone that has followed my journal thus far needs no smart-aleck comment regarding blowing up like a balloon.

So, I am to fax my OB a blood pressure log on Friday morning, at which point she will decide if I will be returning to work next week. Jeez, what will I possibly write about if I get put on full bedrest? My insanity? Or how I'm coping with being put in a straightjacket by well-meaning family and friends?

My boss has really taken this whole bedrest thing well. I really expected arguments, dismay, and a whole gamut of emotional outbursts, but I've not really received much in the way of a negative reaction. He looked a little annoyed when I first presented my doctor's note, but he soon realized concern was a better reaction. My big laugh for last week, however, was when he told me he hoped this whole thing was cleared up by my next doctor appointment. Since I did take the time to fully explain my condition when bedrest was recommended, I could not even bring myself to comment on his ignorance. I just smiled sweetly and said, "Oh, I really hope so too." It isn't that I expect everyone to know the definition of preeclampsia off the top of their heads, but I do expect them (especially my boss) to listen when I offer an in-depth explanation.

I just need to keep repeating to myself, "It will all be worth it in the end. The end justifies the means. Pregnancy is good. Bedrest is good. I'll never remember the mental agony after I hold Sam in my arms."

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