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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Second Midwife Appointment

I couldn't believe I made it to 15 weeks already! The baby is starting to grow hair already and it has fingerprints! The pre-natal development amazes Steve and me. This past Wednesday when I woke up, I turned to Steve and said "Happy 15 Weeks!"

We live in the cold Colorado mountains, and our pipes froze (again). Of course, this was the morning that I had my second midwife appointment, and I was so paranoid that I was going to have to have an internal exam. My worries were unfounded, as it was just a quick checkup. I was happy, yet somewhat worried, to hear that I have not gained a single pound. The midwife assured me and said I will have plenty of time to gain weight now in the second trimester.

My parents came up to our house to hear me sing a solo in church, and our pipes had been frozen for two days. Our house was filthy, and I was afraid my mom would think I was a slob! But of course she didn't, and Steve and my dad tried to unfreeze the pipes to no avail. We couldn't even flush the toilet! So we headed to town and bought a bunch of heat tape to thaw the pipes. I was so happy to hear the sound of running water a few hours later!

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