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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 16 & 17
~ More Planning

I can't stop thinking about the baby (of course!). I want to feel it move, and sometimes, I think I feel a small flutter, but then I wonder if it is just gas!

We are starting to make plans for our house. We desperately need to paint, and my mom and dad and Steve's dad have offered to help. I am going to decorate the nursery in jungle/safari décor, and my best friend is making the quilt for the crib. I found some cute material for a wall hanging at Wal-Mart (of all places!), and my mom is going to make that for me. I want to paint the room tan and then sponge the lower half an "army" green. Then I am going to stamp giraffes, lions and elephants around as a chair-rail border. I can't wait to get started, but all of Steve's hunting and camping and fishing stuff is stored in the spare bedroom. I told Steve I want them to paint the first weekend in May, so his stuff has to be out by then! Our friends are going to let us store most of it in their basement, and he will store some of it in our crawl space too. We are eventually going to build a garage, but for now, we will make do.

Right after I got pregnant, I made a HUGE "Honey Do" list, and Steve did not appreciate that! Don't get me wrong, he is great around the house, but I don't think he liked me giving him such a big list. But I have a feeling that he will work to make sure it is all done before our little one is here!

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