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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ The Sweet Tooth Returns

My boss asked me AGAIN if I was going to continue to work after the baby is born. I told her that as my boss, my answer to her question is "I don't know" but as my friend, I would answer "No, I am not coming back." I really don't make a whole lot of money, so all of my income would go towards childcare. Why would we pay to have someone else raise our child? Steve made an excellent point a few weeks ago and said that the whole point of having a child is to pass on a part of yourself. We are excited to teach our child all about God and the world and our family.

We were lying in bed last Saturday and I thought I felt the baby move. I described it to Steve as a mouse doing somersaults. Steve grinned and said he can't wait to hear the baby cry. But I told him he would probably take that back the first night after the baby's born!

I have been talking to friends and my sister about breastfeeding and we definitely feel that is the way to go. I will have a great support system, so as long as the baby is healthy, I will breastfeed. My sister raised my nephew using a book called "On Becoming BabyWise" and my nephew has been sleeping through the night consistently since he was nine weeks old. Everything the book says makes logical sense, so we will be using that methodology too. Some people may say that scheduled feedings are cruel, but I hope that everyone will respect the decisions we have made. I realize that there are multitudes of parenting philosophies out there, and I respect everyone in their decisions.

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