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Week 19
~ I can't believe I'm almost halfway there!

19 weeks already - I can't believe I'm almost halfway there!

BlueThe weather is so up and down here in Colorado. One day it is beautiful, and we are all tricked into believing it is spring. Then the next day it snows! Steve and I were caught in a snowstorm late last April (we had to walk the last 2 1/2 miles to our house!) and were snowed in for a few days. We bought a 4-wheel drive truck this year, and it has proven very useful in getting to and from our mountain home. Our dogs (kids for now) are very confused by the weather. They love to play outside when it is warm, but if it snows overnight, they hate to go outside the next morning. Blue (the black lab mix) loves to play in the mud after the snow melts, but Abe (the basenji mix) likes to sun himself on our deck.

I went to Denver on Friday afternoon to see my sister. It was so wonderful to have the afternoon off from work! My sister is a coordinator of MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) at her church and they had a huge rummage sale Friday night. Last year, they had tons of baby furniture and items, and I was so excited to start our nursery. Unfortunately, everyone must have gotten rid of their baby stuff last year! But I did find some really cute baby clothes (what baby clothes aren't cute, right?). I even bought some little girl clothes! I told Steve that the only reason I bought the girl stuff is that if I hadn't bought it, we would have a girl. So I bought the girl stuff, so we will have a boy. Honestly, though, we will be just fine if we have a girl. In fact, I like some of the girl names we picked much better than boy names.

Speaking of boy names, Steve was reading a book and found that the meaning of Gabriel is "God's Warrior." We both think that is such a cool meaning, that that name may end up a part of our baby's name. I was talking to my sister (who is 32 weeks pregnant) and she suggested that we not tell anyone what names we are thinking of (we have already had a few negative reactions to Alexander Michael), but I kind of like feeling people out. And you know what? Steve and I are the parents, and we are picking the names (you have to imagine me sticking my tongue out at anyone who doesn't like the names we like)!

My nephew (who is 4 years old) keeps asking me if I can feel my baby wiggle yet. I explained that the baby is only as big as a lightbulb, and my nephew said I better be careful that the baby doesn't shock me! Then he pressed on my belly (which is still pretty small) and said, "Your belly isn't solid like my mommy's. It's kind of squishy." Yeah. It's always been kind of squishy I think I felt the baby move a few times this week. Just a light, little flutter, but I think it was it! Our ultrasound is on Tuesday, and we can't wait to finally "see" our baby.

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