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Week 20
~ Holiday Weekend

Last Wednesday evening, we went to Denver to participate in a Messianic Jewish Passover Seder. It was the most amazing experience. Steve and I are Christians, and we are members of a small non-denominational church, but Steve has been doing a lot of research and looking for the truth. We heard about the Seder on a radio station and decided to go. The only negative part was that we didn't eat until almost 9:00 p.m., so I was absolutely starving. But what a wonderful experience - we can't wait to go next year.

Saturday, we finally had a chance to look for cribs! I knew exactly what I wanted, and when I showed the crib to Steve, he wasn't too thrilled with the price. But we did make it to Target and started our baby registry. It was quite fun to discuss (or should I say argue) what type of baby monitor/car seat/stroller/etc we want! But each of us compromised on a few things, and I think we got pretty much everything accounted for. We also started a registry at Babies-R-Us, and we found a crib that we both like at a very reasonable rate. It is pretty overwhelming to add up the cost of all the baby items, but we will be having three showers (work, church, and family/friends), so hopefully, there won't be too much for us to purchase.

I started decorating our guest bathroom this week. Right now, it is in a "lodge" style (bears, trees, moose, etc.), but the walls are painted a very light yellow, with the decorations stamped on. So Steve painted over my stamping, and now I am decorating the bathroom with rubber ducky stuff. I am going to stamp rubber duckies as a "chair-rail" border on a blue background. I am very excited to get it completed. My parents gave the baby the cutest mama rubber ducky with three baby rubber duckies for the bath - I just have to keep the baby's toys away from the dogs (I squeezed the mama, and she squeaks, and of course, the dogs thought they had a new toy!).

Yesterday, we had our first ultrasound - how exiting to see the baby. We had the ultrasound at the hospital, and we don't actually get the "results" until our checkup with the midwife on Friday, but everything looked good to us (as good as a "blob on the screen" can look). The only bad part was having to pee so bad! I kept asking the receptionist if I could go, and she kept saying no. I finally went up and told her I was leaving if they couldn't see me immediately, but the tech came out and called my name (in the nick of time!). The tech took one look at me and told me I could pee, but just some. YAY! So I went, but not enough, because when she started the ultrasound, my bladder was too full, so I had to go again. We are anxious to get the results on Friday.

I'm halfway there (of course, that's if the baby is on time)!

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