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Week 21 ~ April 10, 2002
~ Nesting

I have had such an urge to "nest" this week! I finally was able to finish the guest bathroom, and it looks so cute! I had already painted the bathroom light yellow (kind of a "butter cream" yellow), and stamped it with bears/trees/moose. So Steve just painted over the bears/trees/moose. Then I did a chair-rail border in royal-ish blue and glazed light blue over it (it kind of looks like water) and then stamped rubber duckies. I found a cute Martha Stewart shower curtain that is light yellow, blue and white striped, and then I am going to do blue and yellow towels. Even Steve agrees that it looks good - he was such a big help with the painting. I am working on our bathroom now, and then it's on to the rest of the house!

Steve and I had a chat about "his" room (where he stores all his hunting and camping stuff), and he agreed to start working on cleaning it out so we can start the nursery. My parents are going to help us paint the first weekend in May, so I wanted to make sure he would be done by then. And I need some opinions from all you readers - what do you think about a blue nursery? I am decorating the nursery in safari/jungle, but I hate to paint the walls brown or "army" green. My best friend is making the quilt for the crib, and it has blues and burgundies, along with safari/jungle prints. We don't know if this baby is a boy or girl (well, Steve is POSITIVE it's a boy), but I think if I paint the walls blue, I can always add some feminine touches.

We had another checkup at the midwife's office last Friday to review the ultrasound results. She said everything is just perfect. The only thing I was concerned about was that the baby is breech, but she said it will move a lot in the next few weeks, so I don't have to worry about positioning until 32 weeks or so. She said I am measuring just right, and that the baby's heartbeat is around 160 beats per minutes (is it a boy!?!?). I still don't really "feel" pregnant, but I am positive I am feeling the baby move. I know it sounds gross, but it feels just like a big fart rolling around (oh gosh, I hope my mom doesn't read this - she hates the word "fart"). Most people laugh when I tell them what it feels like, but women who have been pregnant agree that IS what it feels like!

Until next week . . .

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