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Week 22 ~ April 17, 2002
~ Breaking the News

Well, I did it. I told my boss today that I don't want to return to work full-time after the baby is born. I think she was expecting it, but it was still a pretty difficult thing to do. But, I have proposed that I will still work part-time (with extremely flexible hours) from home after my maternity leave. It will be a pretty big deal if the president actually allows an administrative assistant to work from home. But my boss (the office manager) said she has no problem with it, except for telephone coverage. So now the waiting game begins. If our president chooses to accept my offer, great! If not, oh well. I really do enjoy working here, and the income from a part-time job would be great.

I feel the baby move more and more every day. Steve keeps trying to feel it, but he can't yet. We read that the baby can hear us talking now, so I ordered "Oh, the Places You'll Go - A Book to be Read in Utero" on the internet. We want to start reading to the baby now so he (or she!) will love to read as much as we do.

My sister came up to our house last weekend to scrapbook and we had such a good time (we always do!). She is 37 weeks pregnant, and I asked her if I could actually see her baby moving. She showed me her belly, and it was the coolest thing to see her baby's foot (or arm, or elbow) actually move across her belly. We went on a walk one afternoon with Steve, and I figure one of the neighbors commented, "There goes that Steve with his two pregnant wives!"

I participated in a focus group for pregnant women at Colorado State University (my alma mater). We were there to assist the researchers in preparation of materials for people at high risk for food borne illness (pregnancy, cancer, HIV, etc.). It was so interesting to hear others' opinions of food safety and food preparation. I think after growing up with my mom, who washes her dishes in boiling water, and then taking food safety classes in college, most of the recommendations are pretty much common sense. I have given up sushi, Steve changes the litter box, I use a meat thermometer, etc. But there are a few things that I have had, such as feta cheese, which they don't recommend. So I guess I should do some more research on food safety and such.

Speaking of doing things I shouldn't . . . I painted last week. Yes, I committed the mortal sin of painting while pregnant. I had every single window in the house opened, and I was just doing the edges, when Steve came home from his evening run. He was not very happy that I started without him, but he is such a WONDERFUL husband, that he took the paintbrush from my hand and finished the wall himself. We are planning on painting the rest of our house in a few weeks, and I definitely won't help with that (wow, can I be pregnant all the time? No painting, no litterbox).

I think we will paint the nursery a light/sunny tan color, and then sponge/rag on shiny gold. I think that will go well with the safari theme, and I won't jinx myself by painting the room blue (blue room = girl, right?). I can't wait to get started, but Steve still has about 1/2 of the room to clear out.

It's supposed to snow in Colorado this weekend, so wish us lots of sun!

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