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Week 23 ~ April 24, 2002
~ Future Soccer Player?

We had an exciting event occur this week - Steve felt the baby move!

We went out for our second anniversary on Saturday the 20th and had coffee at Barnes and Noble. Steve looked through all the history and war books, while I browsed through one called "I'll Never Have Sex With You Again - Tales From the Delivery Room." Then we went to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse - I ordered a 1/2 rack of ribs, but I was so hungry, I probably should have ordered a full rack. Next, we went to the $2 "cheapie" theater and saw "Ocean's Eleven" (great movie!). During the movie, I felt the baby moving (actually, it was kicking), and I grabbed Steve's hand and put it on my belly and he felt the baby!

I got the verdict from our company president about my proposal to work at home part-time - and unfortunately, his answer was no. He said that he hates to see me go, but that he respects my decision. I think his main concern is making sure the phones get answered. So our main receptionist will be taking over my job, which is great, because that means I won't have to train a brand new person when I am 8 months pregnant! I know that God has a plan for everything, so I think this will work out for the best. That way, I can concentrate on working for my mom and building up our Pampered Chef business. So my official last day is August 9th, barring any complications.

Sunday the 21st, my wonderful husband installed shelves in the closets in the nursery and the den so that we can start moving his "stuff" out of the nursery. He was getting a little frustrated, having to cram all his stuff from a whole room into two closets. But it will work out just fine! I finished our master bathroom (the one I painted last week) and stamped bears and trees in the upper corners of the walls. Steve was very nervous for me to be on a ladder, but I figure, it's better for me to do it now, then when my belly is huge (plus, I don't trust Steve to stamp - he is a GREAT painter, but he's just not a "decorator"). That night, Steve felt the baby again, and he was so excited!

We went out to dinner (again!) on Monday, since that was the day of our real anniversary. We ate at a Chinese restaurant that we hadn't been to before, and it gave us deja-vu of our honeymoon (we went to a Chinese restaurant in Jasper, Alberta). I made Steve rent a romantic DVD ("Serendipity") since we usually rent action/war movies - I figured it was my only chance to have an excuse for a romantic movie.

I had my first paranoid pregnant moment last night. I had been feeling really tired and cranky and my belly felt really swollen for the past few days. Plus, I hadn't felt the baby move. So of course, I was convinced something was wrong. Steve reassured me, saying that I am healthy, and I eat healthy, etc. But he left for a few hours to work on a side job, so I lay down on my left side and read a book to the baby, hoping that it would stimulate it to move - no such luck. So I had a fitful night of sleep, and when I got to work this morning, I brewed a big glass of iced tea. But, while I was waiting for the tea to brew, I for sure felt the baby move - in fact, I saw my belly move. And I have been feeling it consistently since - I didn't even have to try to stimulate it with caffeine. I had been waiting forever to feel it move, and now that I do feel it move, I'm paranoid when I don't! I guess this is just the start of worrying about this baby - and I have many years to go (now I know how my mom feels!).

Until next week . . .

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