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Week 26 ~ May 14, 2002
~ Soccer Mom

Busy weekends make me exhausted!

Last Thursday, we had an appointment with my family doctor to see if we would like her to be our baby's doctor. We had a long list of questions for her, and she answered each one thoroughly, but we are not quite sure if we want her to be the doctor or not. We have some questions/concerns about some of the childhood vaccines, and we're not sure if we had everything answered. I think we will probably interview a few more doctors before our final decision is made.

Friday night I went scrapbooking in Littleton with my best friend. We didn't leave Littleton to head home until 12:30 am, and we live 2 hours away! And of course, I had to get up early on Saturday to prepare a bunch of food for a ladies' tea at church. I normally do ok on 4 hours of sleep, but this baby sure does zap my energy! I thought I woke up with plenty of time to finish the food preparation, but as I watched the clock's hands zoom around, I turned into a crazy lady! Steve heard me banging around in the kitchen, so he got up and offered to help (he had also been up until 3 am). Do I have a great husband, or what? I managed to throw everything together just in time, but after the tea, I took a long, well-deserved nap!

Sunday morning, we were sitting on the couch, and I was resting my mug on my little belly. Next thing I knew, the baby kicked the mug off! I had Steve watch, and he saw it the next 2 times. Maybe the baby didn't like the weight of the cup on my belly. That afternoon, we headed into town for Mother's Day and went to a very nice brunch with Steve's mom and her husband and with my parents and my sister's family. It was hard to imagine what it will be like next Mother's Day, when my sister's baby (she is due any day) and our baby will be here. My nephew, who is 4 1/2, thought my belly button looked pretty funny because I just took out my navel ring. I pierced my navel when I was 17 on "senior skip" day, and have never taken it out. But, everything is getting very stretched out, and I was afraid the ring might get ripped out. But I agree with my nephew, my belly button does look pretty funny.

I used to be a soccer coach, and it's amazing to hear that my uterus is the size of a small soccer ball! I don't feel uncomfortable (yet!), but the afternoons are absolute torture at work. Even if I eat a small lunch, I am doing head-bobs at my computer by 1 pm - and it's even worse if I have a big lunch. My boss took me out for my birthday, and I had to get up from my desk that afternoon about every 15 minutes so I wouldn't fall out of my chair. She took me to a Japanese restaurant and I wanted sushi SO BAD! But I had some unagi (cooked freshwater eel) and some California rolls (cooked crab, avocado, cucumber), so my craving was somewhat satisfied. I told Steve that he is taking me out for some real sushi after the baby is born!

Think good thoughts for my sister - I want her to have her baby soon so I can have a few days off from work!

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