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Week 27 ~ May 22, 2002
~ Grumpy Days

I was a big grouch this past week - but I guess I have an excuse!

I went to my sister's house Friday night (she still hasn't had her baby, but her due date was just 5/21) to scrapbook, and I actually got quite a lot done. I have printed each page of this pregnancy journal, and I have started a "pregnancy" scrapbook. My sister and I were both tired Friday night, so we went to bed pretty early. Except I was sleeping on the sofa bed, and I did not get a good night's sleep.

Saturday morning, we scrapbooked for a while longer, and I watched my nephew somehow metamorphasize from a sweet little boy into a naughty little boy! I first have to explain, that he is usually the most well-behaved child that I know. He always says please and thank you, he always has good table manners, he never interrupts . . . until Saturday. I think the combination of being tired and excited about his new sibling got to him. I got a little scared watching my sister and brother-in-law deal with him - I actually thought, "Am I ready to be a parent?". I know, it's a little late to be thinking that! I know Steve and I will be good parents, but sometimes, it is a little overwhelming to think about it all! Our good friends have two little girls that are 12 and 10, and I see what they go through, and I just pray that this baby is a boy. Seriously, though, we will be happy if it is a boy or a girl.

Saturday afternoon, my sister and I went to get pedicures, and the ladies giving us the pedicures didn't believe that I am having a baby in August. I guess I would rather be small than huge, but it's almost as if people don't believe me that I am pregnant! I am definitely showing, and I guess I just need to not be concerned with what other people say.

Sunday, Steve and I went to a park for a Messianic Jewish celebration of the Feast of the Wheat Harvest. We got a little sunburned, but it was neat to celebrate one of God's appointed times. That afternoon my father-in-law and his wife took us to the Texas Roadhouse for a belated birthday present for me. I wanted a margarita so bad, but I figured I can wait another few months for one.

Another complaint . . . I think my bladder has been reduced to the size of a walnut. I have to go to the bathroom about once an hour, which makes for really bad sleep, which then just compounds my grumpiness! And I am SO ready to go on maternity leave. Pretty much everyone and everything at work is annoying me these days. I have a countdown started . . . only 11 1/2 more weeks of work!

I want to end on a happy note. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. Every time this baby moves it makes me smile. I used to describe to Steve that it felt like a mouse doing somersaults. Well, it's now more like a guinea pig doing acrobatics in there. At least once a day, I get a little paranoid if I haven't felt him/her move, but usually right then, he/she will give me a big wallop! I am starting to read my breastfeeding books and parenting books, which is making it even more real. Steve and I can't wait to hold this baby in our arms!

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