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Week 28 ~ May 29, 2002
~ Happy Third Trimester!

I'm an aunt again!

My sister gave birth to Maia Faith last Thursday, May 23rd. She was only in (induced) labor for 5 hours, and pushed three times! I guess the second baby is easier than the first. My new niece is absolutely beautiful. She has a perfect little face and nose and a full head of dark hair. The doctor was predicting that she'd weigh 9 1/2 pounds, but she was only 7 lbs. 3 oz. My nephew is pretty proud to be the big brother, and he does a great job holding Maia.

It snowed 1 1/2 feet at our house last Thursday night (yes, snow in May is pretty common in the Colorado mountains), so Steve took off Friday to drive me to Denver to see our little niece. It was so cute to see Steve hold Maia, as he has never held such a new baby before. I was trying to not be over-protective, but he did just fine! We came home Friday afternoon and Steve started digging the postholes for our new fence. I was emailing some pictures of Maia to my other sister, and all of a sudden, I lost my connection! Yes, Steve had accidentally cut the phone line! But he was able to make a temporary patch, so it wasn't too long before my sister got the pictures.

We spent our whole weekend finishing up the fence. It is so nice to be able to contain our dogs. The covenants in our development prohibit a fence longer than 100 linear feet (unless you have "horse property"), so it's not a huge area, but it is certainly better than what we had! Monday, our friends came over with their two little girls and we had a cookout. I was craving German Chocolate cake, but I went to make the frosting and didn't have evaporated milk. And we live 45 minutes from the nearest grocery store! But my friend came to the rescue, as she had several cans of milk. I was so glad, because German Chocolate cake was exactly what I needed!

I worked on the nursery some more last night, and it looks wonderful! My friend was able to find the stamp set that I want to use (it was a discontinued set from Stampin' Up), and I am picking up the set today. After I finish the decorations, the only thing I have left is the bumper pads, the diaper holder, and the curtains. It just doesn't seem real that in only three months we will have our own baby!

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