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Week 29 ~ June 5, 2002
~ Time Keeps on Slippin' . . .

I guess it's true what "they" say . . . time flies when you're having fun!

I really enjoy being pregnant. Every time this little one moves around, it makes me smile. And sometimes, it makes me lift my shirt up and watch my belly to see if I can identify an elbow or a foot (not yet!). Steve really enjoys feeling the baby move, and every morning, he "talks" to the baby through my belly button and tells him/her that it's time to wake up (Do you think he'll be eager to wake the baby up after it's born?

We had our 28-week checkup last week, and everything was perfectly normal. It was "Doctor Day" at the midwives' office so we saw a doctor, for the first time in the pregnancy. The doctor didn't have anything different to say than the midwife, but it did reinforce that the midwives are doing a great job! The baby's heart rate was 132 bpm (boy?!?) and my blood pressure was well within the normal range. After the doctor's visit, I saw the midwife and mentioned that my feet swell quite a bit in the afternoons. She suggested a few "natural" remedies (drinking some caffeinated iced tea in the morning or eating melons and strawberries), and they have worked very well. She reviewed the results of our 20-week ultrasound and mentioned that they only had limited views of the heart, and she offered a follow-up ultrasound.

So we had the follow-up ultrasound yesterday, and again, everything was perfectly normal. We got a great picture of the baby rubbing his/her eyes, and a really cute picture of it clasping its hands together. Steve wasn't able to leave work, but my mom got to go with me, and I think she really enjoyed it. It was very reassuring to get another peek at the baby.

I was very glad to hear the technician say that the baby is exactly the right size, and that I am measuring perfectly. I have been getting a lot of comments that I look small. Everyone from my in-laws to my co-workers to strangers have commented that I have a lot of growing to do before August! I guess they just don't realize that it is my first baby, and I'm not going to get huge! I have gained a total of 16 pounds, so I am pretty happy with that. I haven't been doing anything special, but I think part of the reason my weight gain is on the low side is that I absolutely cannot eat big meals. I just "graze" throughout the day. Of course, that gives my co-workers lots of reasons to tease me, because I seem to be constantly eating.

We have been getting some 90-degree days here in Colorado, so I am very thankful for air conditioning! Wish us some cool weather and rain!

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