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Week 30 ~ June 13, 2002
~ Update: A+

Steve and I passed our Childbirth Preparation class . . . I guess we can have a baby now!

We took an all day "fast-track" session last Saturday, and it was actually very informative. Steve learned how to help me breathe through the pain (he-he-hoo), and I learned that I do NOT want an epidural. They showed a video of a woman getting an epidural, and I HATE needles. The thought of someone poking that near to my spine with a big, huge needle kind of freaks me out! The husbands in the class had to mark on a scale of +10 to -10 (+10 being that the mom wanted pain relief from the moment she stepped foot in the hospital, to a -10 being that the mom wanted absolutely no pain relief) where they thought their wives were, and Steve had me pegged just right at a -7. I would really prefer to not have any pain relief, but if it gets really bad or if I get really worn out, then bring on the drugs! I guess I just feel I have gone 9 months without putting anything stronger than a Tums or a glass of wine in my body, so why would I pump it full of drugs just for the last day? Everyone keeps telling me that I can't make the decision until I am in labor, which I do agree with, but I would really like to try it "all natural." Plus, I think Steve will be an awesome coach, and I think he can help me through the pain.

I had a bit of trauma in the last few weeks - I found my first set of stretch marks! I am not the type to wear a bikini anyway, so it doesn't bother me, but it sure does look like my cat took her claws to my lower belly. So a word of advice to all the other pregnant ladies - do NOT waste your money on the special "belly creams!" I did spend a fair amount of money on some, and I have been fastidious about applying the creams two times a day, and they didn't work. From what I hear, you either get them, or you don't! So save your money to buy yourself a cute maternity shirt instead!

I felt my first baby "part" from the outside. I felt him/her move, and touched my belly and there was definitely something hard there - maybe an elbow or a knee. So I poked at it and the baby pulled its "part" away, but within a few minutes, it had settled back into place. A friend of mine said that she could always feel her baby's butt poking out.

I also committed a "pregnancy sin" - I had a glass of wine. We went to our best friend's house Saturday night, and after a big dinner, I had a small glass of wine. I know, I know, some of you reading this have just gasped in shock that a pregnant lady would actually admit to having a glass of wine! I would never, ever do anything that would hurt the baby, but I think 1 glass of wine in the third trimester is ok. Not to say that drinking is ok, but my mom's doctor actually told her to have a shot of whiskey every night when she was pregnant with my middle sister (1972) and me (1977) because she had an incompetent cervix. I know a doctor would never say that now! But I will admit to you, I got up early Sunday morning, had a big breakfast and lay down on my left side. And when the baby gave me a good wallop in the ribs, I felt much better. I don't think I'll have wine again until after the baby is born!

Until next week . . .

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