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Week 32 ~ June 26, 2002
~ Zzzzzz

I wish I could get a good night's sleep!

For about the last week or so, I have been waking up about every hour to use the bathroom. I try to limit my liquid intake in the evenings, but inevitably, about an hour after I go to bed, I wake up! And then I wake up again and again and again! The lack of sleep has made me VERY grumpy at work, and very unmotivated to do anything around the house when I get home from work. Steve has been wonderful about helping around the house, but there is still some deep cleaning to be done. When I was about 10 weeks pregnant, my mother-in-law offered to help me clean, but I am so afraid to ask her. I really don't want her to see my house because it is really dirty! I guess I could just ask my mom to help, but she is so busy with her bed & breakfast that I hate to ask her to come clean my house too.

Steve went on a backpacking trip last weekend with his family and my dad, and they had a great time. I worked at my mom's B&B Friday night, and I had every intention of making the curtains for the nursery on Saturday. But garage sale-ing got the best of me! I found a wonderful antique rocking chair that looks perfect in the nursery, and I finally found a small, solid oak entertainment center for our den. Plus, I found lots of cute baby clothes along with some more maternity clothes. Steve is pretty happy that I am such a "bargain" shopper.

We had another checkup on Monday, and I haven't gained any more weight! At the midwife's office, patients weigh themselves and test their own urine. It really makes me feel like I am participating in my care. There are 4 midwives in the practice, and due to scheduling, we have only seen 2 of them. But we finally got to meet D., and she concurred with the others - everything is normal! We get to meet the fourth midwife at our next appointment on July 8th. Baby's heart rate was 142 bpm, my blood pressure was 119/68, and I measured right on at 32 cm. I get so offended when people tell me I am small or that I don't look pregnant, but on two separate occasions last week, I met two very nice ladies who told me that I "look great!" That makes me feel much better than telling me I am small.

Steve has continued to talk to the baby "through" my belly button. The other night, he talked to the baby, and he/she started moving all around. So Steve kept talking to him/her and he/she moved around the whole time he was talking. Steve was pretty excited that the baby recognized his voice. The baby has been very active, and the movements have gotten stronger every day. At times, it feels like my whole belly is moving back and forth.

The weather here in Colorado continues to be dry and hot - pray for rain!

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