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Week 33 ~ July 3, 2002
~ Say Cheese!

Steve and I had our first family pictures taken yesterday. A local photographer offered a free session to anyone who is 7-8 months pregnant so that she can build up her portfolio of "belly shots." So I convinced Steve to go with me, and I think she got some great pictures. I'm not sure when I'll get them back, but when I do, I'll be sure to post one with my weekly entry. I finally got some film developed from my camera, and there is a picture of me, but it is about 5 weeks old, and I feel like I have grown so much in just 5 weeks! I'm really looking forward to getting the proofs from yesterday's session.

I had my first baby shower last weekend (it is the first of three!) - it was so fun to be the guest of honor. I have been to plenty of showers, and oohed and aahed with everyone at the cute stuff - but this time, it was mine! The ladies at my church put on a really nice shower, and we got tons of great stuff. They did a fun activity where they called Steve and asked him baby care questions (how often to feed, how many diapers a day, etc.) and childbirth questions (how long does labor last, what's an episiotomy, etc.), and then I had to answer how I thought he would (like the "Newlywed Game"). It was so funny to see that he answered everything "correct" - I guess he really has been listening to me when I read out loud from all the books.

I am glad to have made it through week 32. In the early 1970's, my mom lost a baby at 32 weeks. Matthew James was born early due to my mom's incompetent cervix, and his lungs just weren't quite developed enough. It is amazing that babies are surviving at 24 or 25 weeks now, but the technology didn't exist in the 70's. I have been noticing a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, but none are painful, and I've had no other signs of labor. Steve knows how concerned I was this last week, and he did a great job of reassuring me that everything is fine with our baby. Our baby has actually been less active this week. Of course, that makes me paranoid, but I do realize that he/she is quickly running out of space. We have a checkup next Monday, but from the research I've done, it's pretty normal for their activity to slow down around 32 weeks. But I have to admit, that sometimes, I will poke his/her little butt so that I get movement in response.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

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