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Week 35 ~ July 16, 2002
~ Mini Vacation

I loved having two 4-day weekends in a row! July 4th weekend was great, since we sat around our house and relaxed. Last weekend was another story . . .

My sister, Jen, flew in from North Carolina on Thursday, so we had a family dinner in Denver Thursday night. My sisters and I scrapbooked all day (and I wrote thank you notes for our church baby shower), and Jen told me that my brother-in-law found an e-saver ticket and he was coming for the weekend. So here we were, at the airport, and I was looking for my tall, bearded brother-in-law. But guess who got off the plane? My best friend from high school, Tara! She had been working with my sisters for months, planning this surprise trip. It was the first surprise anyone has ever planned for me - and it was great!

Tara and my sisters (and my niece and nephew) came up to our house Friday night (after stopping at my favorite ice cream shop in Fort Collins), and then Saturday was my baby shower. Before the baby shower, Tara and I gave Maia (who is 7 weeks old) a bath. I'm glad I got to practice, because the infant tub leaked (I didn't have it locked into position correctly) and I had the water way too cold. I have lots to learn!

At the baby shower, we played the "string" game, where everyone guessed the size of my belly, and we played the "guess the baby food game" - but they made me taste-test the baby food! It wasn't bad, but the smell of the chicken and the ham was horrible - I think I will make my own baby food, like my oldest sister did. When I was opening gifts, everyone wore a pacifier or toy on a string/necklace around their neck, and if someone caught anyone else saying "nice," "cute," or "sweet," they could take that person's necklace. Of course, I was the first one to say "cute," and my mom yelled and ran across the room and stole my necklace. Steve and I were blessed with lots of wonderful gifts (and not too many duplicates). Steve went camping Saturday night so Tara and I could spend some time together, and he had a close encounter with a rattlesnake on the hike home. I was glad he was able to kill the snake before it bit him or the dogs - and I was even more glad that I wasn't with him when he came across the snake!

Sunday, I had to take Tara back to the airport, but then we spent the day in town at a park/petting zoo (unfortunately, it was about 102 degrees in town) and then had another family dinner. We went to a water park yesterday - I mostly stayed in the shade with Maia, but I went in the wave pool too. Levi (my 4 1/2 year-old nephew) almost drowned two times! He went down the slide with Jen on a raft and the raft tipped at the end. I saw it tip and I told the lifeguard that he couldn't swim, and I all I could see was his little head bobbing under water. But in only about 2 seconds, Jen was able to get to him. He was pretty scared, but he held his breath, so he wasn't coughing or anything. Then in the afternoon, he went down the slide again with Holly (my sister, his mom) and the raft tipped. It is funny now, but at the time, it was pretty scary.

The baby has been very active, and his/her movements get stronger every day. In fact, at the airport Friday night, the baby kicked me in the ribs so hard that it hurt! He/she moves around most before I eat ("Hey, Mommy, I'm hungry!), and then about 1 hour after I eat ("Thanks, Mommy, for all the food!" or "Hey, it's crowded in here!).

Thank you, everyone for all the emails I've gotten recently. Work is crazy this week, but I promise to reply to each of you!

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