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Week 36 ~ July 24, 2002
~ Getting Ready

It's getting closer!

I started packing my hospital bag last weekend. All I put in were my slippers, Steve's swimming trunks, our camcorder & tripod, and a shirt and underwear for Steve. I have a list of stuff I need to add, but I hate to keep packing and unpacking things. I at least started it, though! Any suggestions of what to bring (or what not to bring) are welcome!

Last weekend was so nice and relaxing, as we did absolutely nothing! The only exciting event was that my elderly, old cat, Mocha, caught a mouse that made it into our house. I woke up Sunday morning, and found the mouse on our living room floor, so I yelled for Steve, and he disposed of the remains. Mocha has not been in my good graces lately, as she sometimes forgets where her litter box is, but since she caught the mouse, she has been getting lots of special treats from me. I am not concerned about her trying to get in the crib with the baby, as she really doesn't like to snuggle with anyone, but we will still keep the door to the nursery closed all the time.

I had the first of my weekly checkups yesterday. All is well - blood pressure is 122/60 (exact same as last time), baby's heart rate was in the 140's, and I only gained another 2 pounds (total of 24 pounds). I had to get the culture for Group B strep, and we should get the results in a day or two. I really don't want to be hooked up to an IV while I am in labor, but of course, if I am positive, it's fine. I am not dilated at all, but I am 50% effaced and my cervix is ripe (for some reason, it doesn't sound right to call anything but fruit "ripe"). Steve is so excited for the baby to be born - I think he may be even more excited to take 2 weeks off from work!

My mother-in-law called last week to see how things were going, and Steve was excited to tell her that it could happen in as little as 1 week, but in as much as 6 weeks. I have been having more and more Braxton Hicks contractions, but none are painful or regular. But in the last week or so, it feels like they are lower in my pelvis, and they feel very similar to menstrual cramps.

I was talking to Steve, and I let him know that I am getting nervous. Not about the birth - but about the part where we actually become parents! I thought for sure that when I heard the heartbeat for the first time that it would be "real" or that when we saw the ultrasound or when we had the childbirth prep classes - but it just doesn't seem real yet. I think the moment the baby is born, it will finally feel real! Steve is not nervous at all about being a parent - he is just afraid that the baby will be girl, because it will be a lot more frustrating (he thinks).

Until next week . . .

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