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Week 39 ~ August 13, 2002
~ Ready to Meet the Baby!

Well, today is officially my first day as a stay-at-home mom. Actually, yesterday was, but I spent the day scrapbooking at my mom's house with my sister. I actually slept in today until 8:15 am! We usually get up at 5:15 am, so it felt really nice. I figure I only have a few more days of being able to sleep in. We don't have TV at our house (we have a TV and DVD player, but no "basic" TV), which is actually a good thing, but sometimes, I just want to turn it on and veg out. I think I will do that Thursday, since I will ride to town with Steve in the morning and go grocery shopping and then I'll veg at my mom's until Steve is finished with work.

Our checkup last Thursday was routine. The midwife quizzed us and asked how far apart contractions should be for us to call - and I didn't know the answer! But Steve must have been paying attention in our childbirth prep class, because he answered 5-7 minutes. Steve even remembered that we are supposed to call when they are 7-10 minutes apart since we live 45 minutes away from the hospital. I think the baby dropped, as a lot of people at work commented that it looks like I am carrying the baby lower. I keep waiting for any other signs of true labor, but there haven't been any yet.

Our weekends have just been fantastic - not busy at all! We spent Saturday at my mother-in-law's house, and unfortunately it was in the high 90's here in Colorado. By the time we left her house, my toes were so swollen that I couldn't get my sandals on (well, I got them on, but my heels hung over the back edge by about 2 inches!). So I spent most of Sunday with my feet up.

We are so lucky to have such awesome friends. Our best friends invited us over for dinner last Thursday night, and then they asked us to stop by on Sunday afternoon, and they invited us for dinner that night too! It was so wonderful to not have to cook. And then before we left, they handed us 8 (yes, 8!) casseroles that they made for us. Another friend of mine is organizing meals with the church ladies. Now that we don't have my income to fall back on, I am really trying to stick to a budget, so eating out isn't really an option.

Anyway, I am going to try to make the crib skirt today - I haven't gotten around to it yet - so I think I am going to get started. Maybe my next entry will be my birth story? Hopefully!

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