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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ Christmas Presents

We got together with Steve's dad's family for an early Christmas, as they were going to be out of town on Christmas Day. We waited until all the presents were opened and it was kind of quiet. Then Steve told his dad that he had one more present, and we gave him a bib with "I love my Grandpa" on it (this is the first grandchild on Steve's side of the family). Everyone started jumping up and down and screaming, and Steve's little sisters were so excited. So of course, the rest of the evening, we sat around talking about the baby and our plans.

I wanted to tell my parents that evening too, so we headed over to my parents' house. We talked for a while (it was late, around 10 p.m.), and I think my parents were wondering why we were there. So I told them we had an early Christmas present and I gave my dad a bib just like we gave Steve's dad. My dad opened it and said, "Hmm, I love my Grandpa?" My mom got it right away and her jaw dropped. It took my dad a few minutes to figure out I was pregnant and he said, "I thought you were going to wait a few years." I answered and told him that we weren't waiting at all!

I called my sister that lives in North Carolina the next morning and told her. I was a little nervous, because I know that she and my brother-in-law had been trying for eight months to conceive, with no success. But she was so happy for me. The next day was my nephew's fourth birthday, so I was at my other sister's house for his party and I told her I made bandanas for the dogs. I showed her the bandanas and they each said, "We are going to be big brothers on 8/19/02!" My sister couldn't believe it, and she was so excited that we get to be pregnant together.

On Christmas Eve, we got together with Steve's mom's family, and Steve gave her a bib that said, "I love my Grandma." She kind of started crying and then said, "Well, I want the baby to call me 'Nana', because I am too young to be a Grandma." Steve's little brother was looking at his new digital camera and kind of looked up and said, "What the . . . when were you guys going to tell me!"

Christmas Day was fairly uneventful, except that I made my very favorite broccoli/rice/Cheez-Whiz casserole and I couldn't eat a bite of it. I realize now that it was only the beginning of my food aversions!

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