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Heather's Pregnancy Journal
Heather, Steve, and EthanStorkNet is very pleased to bring you Heather's pregnancy journal.

Heather and her husband, Steve, have been married for three years when they conceived their second child. They have a son, Ethan, who was born in August 2002. Heather's second baby, a daughter, was born healthy on May 7, 2004.

Join Heather as she shares her pregnancy and her life with you!

Heather's Journal Entries

Meet Heather

Week 7
4 EPTs!

Week 8/9
Morning Sickness Strikes Again

Week 10
Decisions, Decisions

Week 11
Playing the Waiting Game

Week 12
First Midwife Visit

Week 13
Living on Faith

Weeks 14 & 15
Catching Up

Week 16
Avocado Baby

Week 17
Back to Work

Week 18

Week 19
The New Year's Letter

Week 20
Exciting Happenings

Week 21
Stressed Out

Weeks 22 & 23
A Taste of How It Will Be

Weeks 24 & 25
Finally Catching Up

Week 26
Time Flies When . . . You're Not Having Fun?

Week 27

Week 28
Getting Better

Week 29
Tough Decisions

Week 30
Into the 4th Quarter!

Week 31
Letter to Baby

Week 32
An April Baby (Maybe?)

Week 33
Tough News

Week 38
Good News!!

Week 39
Waiting Game

Week 40
No Baby . . . Yet

Week 41
Still No Baby

Birth Story
Meet Eliana

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