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Week 10 ~ October 28, 2003
~ Decisions, Decisions

I think we have made a decision to definitely have a home birth. I interviewed two midwives last week, and got very different feelings from each of them.

The first one I interviewed felt like she could be my mom. She is a Christian, has delivered over 1,200 babies, and totally made me feel at ease. She didn't rush through my appointment (in fact, we talked for 1 1/2 hours!) and answered every question I had. My only concern is that if I am Group B Strep positive, I would "risk out" for a home birth. But she has some homeopathic remedies to try, and she also suggested prayer. It was so refreshing to hear a health care provider say that prayer is an alternative! Another good (but silly) thing was that she had no problem with us having a dog. In fact, she said the dog can be right in the room when the baby is born, if he wants! But I think we will have Steve's brother come pick up Blue (the dog) and Ethan when I go into labor. We have quite a while to work out the details.

The second midwife I interviewed had way less experience (she has only delivered 120 babies) and I felt like she kept looking at the clock during our appointment. I had Ethan with me, and it seemed to make her uncomfortable (even though she had a "kid's area"). It just didn't feel right, so I don't think we'll go with her.

I did break the news to my mom and to Steve's dad that we are going to try a home birth. Amazingly enough, my mom's only concern was what would happen if there is an emergency with me or the baby. The midwife we chose reassured me during my interview that if she suspects anything is going wrong that we will go to the hospital (it helps that we are just across the street from the hospital). The midwife even invited my mom to come to one (or all) of my prenatal visits.

I found the cutest little camouflage onesie today at Wal-Mart. I made a onesie for Ethan, but it was so big and just seemed so uncomfortable. But this one is all cotton and is just perfect. I am pretty sure I am having a girl, so I may go ahead and sew bows on it, and then if this baby is a boy, I can just cut the bows off! Either way, I think we will have to get a family picture taken next summer, with us all in our camouflage!

We have kind of figured out a financial plan for this baby's birth. Since Steve or I don't have any health insurance, we have to pay out-of-pocket. We are praying for a healthy, normal, home birth with a healthy baby, but we know that God will give us what we can handle. Steve heard a rumor at work that there is a bonus coming when the current jobsite is finished, so we are hoping that the rumor is true!

I have been feeling better this week - as long as I keep food (but not too much) in my belly. My only complaint is the fatigue. As soon as Ethan goes to bed (8 p.m.), I am in bed too! I am looking forward to the second trimester!

Hope you all have a good week - and if you have emailed me, I promise a reply - just give me a little time!

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