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Week 11 ~ November 7, 2003
~ Playing the Waiting Game

All this past week, I have been trying to coax this little one into giving me some signs of life. My first midwife appointment is next Monday, and until I hear the heartbeat, it just doesn't seem real! I know it is way early to feel movement, but sometimes I lay in bed with my hand on my growing tummy and ask the baby to just move. I am already starting my over-paranoid monitoring of movement. Like I said, once I hear the heartbeat, I will feel reassured. And surely, 3 home pregnancy tests can't be wrong!

I finally made the switch to maternity pants this week. I'm not quite ready for the shirts - All they do is make me look huge! But my regular pants are just too uncomfortable (besides 1 pair of Steve's pants that I can wear). As I was going through my maternity clothes, I realized just how much I liked them! It's kind of nice to have all "new" clothes. Plus, I have found some great bargains at Kohl's on their summer maternity stuff ($2 and $3 for dresses!). Since I had to endure the long summer being pregnant with Ethan (born in late August), I am looking forward to being able to stay cool, at least part of the time.

We finally had to turn on our heat here in Colorado. We had an unseasonably warm October, but the cold has hit. We haven't gotten much snow yet, but the cold is here. We miss our wood burning stove that we had in our old house. And of course, gas prices just went up 73%, so we have the heat just warm enough to keep us comfortable. We had to rearrange Ethan's room so the heat vent was accessible, and I think we may have enough room in there for a toddler bed! But he has to start walking before we get ready to transition him to a toddler bed!

I was at an Aromatherapy home party last night and the sales lady told me a friend of hers is a new doula and is looking to volunteer her services in order to gain experience. I hadn't thought of hiring a doula before, but if it's free . . . maybe! Steve isn't so sure - he feels like she would not let him participate in the birth. But I reassured him that I will interview her (if she calls me!) and make sure it is something we both want to do.

I have been extremely tired this last week - and Steve has been so wonderful, helping with the cooking and cleaning. I am so blessed to have a husband like him! I am really looking forward to the second trimester "energy boost."

Have a great week!

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