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Week 12 ~ November 13, 2003
~ First Midwife Visit

What an eventful week!

Friday (the 7th), I called Steve around 4:15 p.m., figuring he was on his way home from work, but he told me he was in the office with his boss. Uh-oh. Yup, you guessed it - he got laid off. The company he was working for doesn't have any more jobs lined up, so they laid off about 5 or 6 guys, and Steve was 1 of them. Of course, I freaked out, but Steve is relatively calm about the whole thing. He knows that God has a better plan for him - maybe even a job with insurance! He has spent this week looking for jobs, but he doesn't have any leads yet. We are praying that by this time next week, he will have something lined up!

Then, of course, Friday night I got the flu (again!). I was up all night, and then all day Saturday I felt like a limp noodle. Steve took Ethan with him to our worship services, and my mom came over and made me Jell-O. By Sunday, I felt much better.

Then - Monday comes! Ethan woke up with a 101.7 degree fever, which progressively rose throughout the day. Our midwife visit was at 4 p.m., so my mom came over to watch Ethan. I never would have left him with anyone but my mom. She made him some Jell-O too. By the time we got home at 6 p.m., he was feeling a little better, but he still was running a fever as of last night (Wednesday). If he wakes up with one today, I guess it's time to call the doctor!

Our midwife visit was fantastic! She spent almost 2 hours with us, just talking and getting to know each other. Most of it was paperwork stuff (past pregnancy history, health history, etc.), but she just made it so personal. The only "physical" exam she did was to take my vital signs. I am perfectly fine with not getting a bunch of internal exams! And yes, we did hear the baby's heartbeat. What a reassuring sign! I knew that three home pregnancy tests couldn't be wrong, but it makes it pretty real to hear the heartbeat. It was in the 160's, and the midwife said if she had to guess, she would say it's a girl (yay!). But Steve just reminded me that she also said that all babies' heart rates are fast at this gestational age. I guess I conveniently forgot that part when she guessed that it was a girl.

Well, here's to a better week this week! It has been a blessing having Steve home (especially with Ethan being sick), but it will be great once he gets a job. Have a great week!

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