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Week 13 ~ November 21, 2003
~ Living on Faith

Things have calmed down somewhat this week, thankfully!

Ethan is finally feeling better. I am pretty sure he had the flu (influenza), as the metro Denver area has been hit pretty hard with it. He had all the classic symptoms, but he was better within about a week. The only problem is that he has now passed the flu on to my dad!

Steve still hasn't found a job. But he is planning on opening his own business as an electrician by the end of December. He is waiting to hear from the state to get the final paperwork to take his final exam, but as soon as that arrives, he should be ready. And I think this is the best plan overall, as Steve has always wanted to be his own boss. In the mean time, we are living on faith that God will provide.

For now, it looks like I will be going back to work. I start on Saturday (the 22nd) back at the Marriott, where I worked in college. I was an Assistant Banquet Manager when I was in college, but I am just going to be waitstaff for the time being. The pay is not great, but at least if I pick up a shift here or there, I can bring in some extra money. I also have an interview with a temporary agency, and that pays pretty well, so we'll see how that goes.

I think the baby is going through a growth spurt this week, as I have been extremely hungry and thirsty and tired. I am so ready for the second trimester energy! But for now, I am eating and drinking a lot and going to bed very early (even as early as 7:45 p.m.!). I still don't need maternity clothes, but I am wearing maternity pants just for the comfort. The trick is finding long enough shirts to cover the panel and often times, the panel is so huge that the pants fall off! But I have found that folding the panel in thirds and clipping it with a binder clip works well!

My sister had her baby shower last week and it sounded like so much fun! She lives across the country from us, so I couldn't be there, but I sent her a gift of all the basics (Aquaphor, bedtime bath, etc.) and a few homemade things (tag blankets, bibs, etc.). She and her husband are adopting twin boys that are due February 2nd. The birth mom is doing well as are the babies, but one twin seems to be bigger than the other is. They will do another ultrasound in 3 weeks (when she is 32 weeks) and if the growth is still lacking, they will probably do a c-section. The babies have only 1 amniotic sac and 1 placenta, so it is considered a very high-risk pregnancy. I am planning on going out there in January with my parents, and I am so excited to meet my new nephews!

Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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