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Weeks 14 & 15 ~ December 1, 2003
~ Catching Up

I finally have caught up so that I am updating my journal on the correct days! I "turn" weeks on Mondays, and I was always a few weeks behind (or ahead?). So, I turn 15 weeks today, Monday, December 1!

The baby is now about 4 inches long and weighs about 2 1/2 ounces. Steve calls her (I think it is a girl) a "little gherkin." I guess she is about the size of a pickle! I just have such a strong feeling that it is a girl. I am drawn to girl clothes and the color pink and I keep wondering about how I will decorate her room! The baby (I guess I shouldn't say "her" just in case it is a boy!) will share a room with Ethan for the first few months, but we hope to move in July when our lease expires so that we can find a place with 3 bedrooms. We have even discussed renting a 4-bedroom house and sharing it with Steve's little brother. We'll just see what the next few months bring us!

I keep begging the baby to move. I swear, most of the time, I just don't feel pregnant! I know we heard the baby's heartbeat, but it just doesn't seem real. There are times, though, when it hits me and I think, "Wow! We are going to have 2 kids! It feels like just yesterday that Steve and I met!" Time goes by so quickly - Steve and I have known each other for five years already. So much has changed, but all for the better.

We had a good Thanksgiving. We spent the day at my mother-in-law's house. Steve and I have only been married for 3 years, so it is hard to get used to a holiday at someone else's house. When I was growing up, my mom would make a feast on Thanksgiving - turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry salad, green bean casserole, fancy sweet potatoes, etc. But at my MIL's house, it's kind of the same, yet different - turkey, whipped potatoes, noodles, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes from the can, canned cranberry sauce, etc. It was good, just not what I'm used to. And growing up, we would usually play games or go on a walk in the afternoon. But at my MIL's house, we watched TV. Needless to say, Steve and I got pretty bored (we don't have TV at home - we watch DVD's and videos but we don't watch TV) so we went to my uncle's farm and saw my family too. It was a nice end to the day to show Ethan the cows (he wanted to pet them?) and chickens.

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our Hanukkah decorations. We go to a congregation called Kehilat Y'shua (Congregation of Jesus). We were raised in the "Christian" church, but we recently began to live a "Jewish" lifestyle and observe the Biblical feasts, the Sabbath on Saturday, dietary guidelines, etc. and we truly believe that Y'shua is the way to eternal life. It has taken some getting used to, but I am so excited for Hanukkah. Each year we will do more and more as our children grow up.

Our job situation hasn't changed much. I worked one shift at the Marriott, and they haven't called me again. The pay is so low that I will take home about $25 (banquet servers don't get tips) for the shift. It really isn't worth being on my feet and carrying heavy trays for that kind of money! I am hoping the temporary agency will call soon, as my interview last week went very well. Steve is taking his Master's exam next week and then we can get the business going.

Have a great week!

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