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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19 ~ January 3, 2004
~ The New Year's Letter

Dear Little One,

It's hard to say what will happen this year. One thing for sure, our family will be growing! We are so excited to welcome you into our lives. It will be a momentous change, going from 1 child to 2, but we are looking forward to the challenge!

I don't know, and won't know until you are born, whether you are a boy or a girl. But something is telling me that you are a girl.

I feel drawn to little girl clothes and pink and purple. Yet, I keep thinking how nice it would be for Ethan to have a little brother so close in age to him. You will share a room with your big brother, whether you are a boy or a girl. His room is all jungle/safari stuff, so I hope you like it!

I am trying to do my best to prepare for your arrival. Your big brother still seems to be so little, that I haven't put much of his "baby" stuff away. But I am looking forward to taking out the tiny newborn clothes. It's hard to believe that you are almost half grown inside my tummy!

I think I have been feeling you move this week. Daddy and I got Starbucks on New Year's Day, and then I had another cup of coffee at our friends' house, and I am pretty sure that got you going! But if it truly is you moving in there, your movements are so faint! It feels like I am going up and down on a roller coaster.

I think about you all the time and wonder if you are healthy. I know God has blessed us and will give us what we can handle, but Daddy prays each and every day that you and your big brother grow up healthy and strong and knowing God. I pray every day that you are healthy and that your birth will be an easy one.

Sweet baby, I can't wait to hold you in my arms. I pray you are safe and warm in my tummy.


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