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Week 20 ~ January 9, 2004
~ Exciting Happenings

I am an aunt again! My sister's twins were born on Sunday, January 4. The boys and the birth mom are both healthy and doing well. They were born at 36 weeks, but were 5 lbs. 5 oz. and 4 lbs. 10 oz. They were delivered by c-section, as one of the boys was breech, and my sister said they both came out screaming. The adoption isn't final for a few more weeks, but all they are waiting for is the birth father's signature. It has been an incredible experience for them to go through. My parents flew out East this week and Ethan and I are flying out there at the end of January.

Steve finally felt the baby move last Monday morning. In the early morning, she (or he?) was doing all kinds of flips and rolls in my belly (I think she/he was hungry!) so I woke Steve up and grabbed his hand and he was definitely able to feel the baby. He was so excited! I am so blessed to have such an involved husband.

My 20-week check-up with the midwife went well. Baby's heartbeat was in the high 150's, so the midwife is still guessing for a girl. I am right on in my growth at 20 cm. My belly is starting to pop out more and more, and I am noticing that I get a little out of breath if I carry Ethan for too long. Thank goodness he is walking now! Anyway, the midwife was happy that I have only gained 8 pounds total. She put me on a probiotic supplement to increase my intestinal health. We talked more about Group-B step and she let me know that the test is optional in Colorado. So I may just waive the test and rely on God (shouldn't I do that anyway?). We will talk more in the coming weeks about my options, but for now, the probiotics seem to be working well.

Today (Friday, January 9) is my last day of work. YAY! I went back to work part-time in mid-December for the accounting software company that I used to work for. I only work 25-30 hours per week, but it has been very difficult trying to make arrangements for Ethan. My mom is able to watch him most of the time, but since she and my dad went to see my nephews, I don't have her anymore! Steve didn't have much work this week, so he has been watching Ethan. I am happy to be finished that job, as they have a huge candy jar that the receptionist keeps full and I have no willpower! I think all 4 pounds that I gained this month are straight from chocolate!

Have a great week!

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