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Weeks 22 & 23 ~ February 6, 2004
~ A Taste of How It Will Be

Sorry to not update you all in so long . . . I have been on the East coast for the last week, helping my sister and brother-in-law with their new twins. It has been fun, but lots of work.

At first, Ethan didn't care about his little cousins. He was more excited to see the cats (which he calls "la-la") and his uncle. But then after that first night, he wanted to be right there with me when they ate or when they were changed. I was very nervous that he would accidentally hit or poke one of the boys. I think he wanted to look at them and see what was making so much noise! He has gradually accepted them, but doesn't like it if I am holding or feeding one of them when he is tired or when he just wakes up from a nap.

I forgot how much work a newborn is! And my sister has a double dose! I am so glad that I have spent the week here, getting a taste of what it will be like in May. I have been getting up at least once a night to help her feed them, as my brother-in-law returned to work. Her pediatrician advised her to wake them up every 3 hours to feed them because they were so small at birth. However, I told her that the pediatrician doesn't always know best, and the boys are obviously thriving and doing very well. They are 3 1/2 weeks old now, so I (along with my brother-in-law) convinced her to let them sleep until they woke up hungry, and what do you know? They woke up about every 4 hours. They have a check-up next Friday, and I am guessing that the pediatrician will say they are doing great!

It is a bit of a different experience, as I was breastfeeding and recovering from birth after Ethan was born. The adoption is a totally different experience, but it is great having my sister be able to play with Ethan and take him on walks and leave the boys here! I was so paranoid to leave Ethan when he was a newborn. One bit of advice with this baby that I will do is to pump a lot of breast milk right away so that I can take time to go out with Steve or with Ethan after the baby is born.

Steve has been having a hard time with Ethan and I being gone. He stayed home, as we didn't have the money for another plane ticket, and he wanted to get his business going. Business has picked up a little this week, but it looks like once he takes in any money (which he will probably do this week), our unemployment benefits are gone. So we are praying and relying on God to boost business.

The baby gets more and more active every day. I told my sister that she/he is jealous of me holding her/his cousins and tries to kick them off! I have a checkup in early February, and I am curious to see how much weight I have gained, as all I seem to do at my sister's is eat!

The boys are up and it's time to feed them, so I have to go - I'll write again when I return to Colorado!

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