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Weeks 24 & 25 ~ February 11, 2004
~ Finally Catching Up

After returning from 10 days of "vacation" helping my sister with her new twins, life is finally settling back into a routine. We had so much fun - there is a picture of us there with my sister included with this entry. Ethan had some difficulty re-adjusting to the time zone here in Colorado, but he is finally back on schedule. Until last night, that is!

Ethan seems to have a little flu bug and he threw up all over his crib and himself. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband that gave him a bath while I cleaned up the crib. And yes, I was gagging. I'm sure I will get used to my kids throwing up, but since it was the first time he has ever done this and I'm pregnant, I think it was ok for me to gag.

I am working a few days this week as a temporary receptionist for the company I used to work for before Ethan was born. It is nice to pick up a few shifts and the money comes in very useful! Right now, Steve doesn't have much work lined up for this week, so he is able to stay home with Ethan. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

I had my 25-week checkup today and all is well. My blood pressure was 120/60 and the baby's heart rate was in the 150's/160's. The midwife is guessing a girl by the heart rate alone. I feel different than I did when I was pregnant with Ethan, but I guess we won't know until sometime around May 22!

I did gain a bunch of weight since my last visit 5 weeks ago. I have gained 17 pounds so far, which really isn't too bad. Even if I gain 1 pound per week until the end of the pregnancy, I would still only gain 31 pounds total. And my midwife was not at all concerned. She said that this is typically a time of immense growth in the baby, and Steve commented that in the 10 days that I was visiting my sister that the baby (and Ethan!) grew a lot.

I chatted with my midwife about my Group B strep worries. She is so encouraging! She said I am more than welcome to get screened, but that if I test positive, I absolutely cannot have a home birth - state law prohibits that. However, I am not required to get a screening for Group B strep. We have been doing a ton of research, and the statistics are so low for the chances of the baby getting sick even if I do test positive. Plus, there are numerous natural ways of treating/preventing Group B strep transmission that I am happier trying those things and asking God to keep our baby safe! Steve and I are not the type to take uninformed risks with our children. So at this time, after extensive research, we are going to waive the routine Group B strep screening at 36 weeks.

The baby is getting to the point where I can feel "parts" in my belly - maybe a head here or a foot or hand there. I love poking at my belly and getting rewarded with a kick back! If I ask Ethan to kiss the baby, he is more than happy to toddle over and kiss my belly. But if I ask him where the baby is, he usually lifts up his shirt and points to his belly - what a sense of humor!

Have a great week!

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