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Week 26 ~ February 17, 2004
~ Time Flies When . . . You're Not Having Fun?

I know, the saying is "Time flies when you're having fun" but this week wasn't the "funnest" and man, did it go fast! With working a few days and having evening activities almost every night, time is just flying by! There are days where I absolutely panic with the thought of everything that I want to get done before the baby is born. But I have to remind myself that I am human and it is best to just take each day as it comes.

I want our bedroom to be a peaceful, relaxing place for the baby to be born. Right now - it's not! We are in a rental duplex and there is a horrible slate blue/mauve wallpaper border up and the walls are off-white and incredibly marked and stained. I just need my parents to come over and slap some paint on the walls! But they are so busy with the B&B that I hate to ask. I love the thought of a dark burgundy or dark blue room, but our landlord will only let us paint white. And I want (I know, I don't NEED it) new bedding. I keep looking, but have no money to buy!

Plus, I want our bathroom to be painted, just to clean it up. Who knows, the baby could be born in there! I hate to do a bunch of improvements to a rental, but maybe it will put us on the landlord's good side. Our wonderful dog, Blue, ate part of the carpet in the master bedroom (our landlord doesn't know yet!), so I'm sure he won't be happy about that.

I really had the itch to go out and garden yesterday! It is beautiful weather here in Colorado, but I know the big snows usually happen in March or April, so I hate to do a bunch of gardening. This was my first year planting daffodils - we'll see if they actually grow. I probably planted them upside-down for all I know!

I talked to the midwife last week at my checkup about all of the Braxton-Hicks contractions I have been feeling, and she reassured me that it is normal with a second pregnancy. I just have a big fear of having a premature baby like my mom did. I know an incompetent cervix is not necessarily a genetic thing, but since we don't have health insurance, I don't know what we'd do if we had a baby in the NICU.

I keep reminding myself that God will provide! In fact, he did provide this week, in that we were able to sell our little 4-door car to pay back the loan we got for Steve's work van. Now our main debt is to the midwife! I am hoping to earn some more money with Pampered Chef in the next few months, but we owe her quite a bit of money and have nothing to pay her! She knows Steve is starting his own company, but I don't want her to think we aren't paying. We may have to borrow some money from family if worse comes to worse.

I know things will look up, and thanks for listening to me complain! Until next week . . .

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