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Week 27 ~ February 26, 2004
~ Changes

Who knows what will happen next week? We had a lot of things going on this week. Our financial situation has gotten extremely tight. Steve is still on unemployment, but his status changed, so now he has to be actively seeking jobs. This comes at a good time, I guess, as we ran out of savings (which was helping to supplement unemployment). So he has called and applied several places, but who knows what will happen. He also got a few phone calls from people wanting bids from his company, so it could be that his company takes off.

In the mean time, I went ahead and applied for WIC and Medicaid. I'm not sure if we qualify, but if the unemployment gets cut off, we will definitely qualify. So here's my dilemma . . . do I continue with the homebirth, even though we owe our midwife a lot of money (but maybe she is willing to work with us)? Or do I go back to the midwife that delivered Ethan, as she accepts Medicaid? I guess it all depends on if we qualify.

It is quite a humbling experience to actually ask for help. Our family is helping greatly, as my mom took me grocery shopping this week and my sister is buying us diapers. But I think it hurts Steve's pride to ask for help. And Steve is willing to sell some of his hunting gear, which could amount to quite a lot of money. We are going to take some time this week to really discuss our financial situation.

On a happy note, the baby is getting huge! Steve said that I look about as big as I was when Ethan was born. And the bad thing is - I feel that big! I have just been feeling bloated and huge for the last week or so. I told Steve that the baby is probably over 2 pounds at this point, and he said, "Wow, so he/she could be born now!" I explained that although the baby is probably viable, he/she is not ready to be born yet.

I have a checkup with my homebirth midwife on Monday, so we'll see how baby is measuring. He/she has been squirming and moving a lot lately. But I think he/she will run out of room soon! Ethan is so cute - if you ask him where the baby is, he lifts up his shirt and points to his belly!

Have a good week!

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