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Week 28 ~ March 1, 2004
~ Getting Better

Things are looking up a bit. I guess God has to take you down to bring you up, huh? Steve might have a job lined up for this week and next (he will find out for sure tomorrow) that will bring us a fair amount of money. The only problem is that I don't know how it will affect WIC or Medicaid. I have an appointment this week for Medicaid, so I will chat with the lady and see what I need to do. Owning your own business comes with a lot of headaches!

My checkup today with the homebirth midwife went well. Baby's heart rate was in the 130's (I think she/he hadn't woken up yet!), and my blood pressure was 120/60. The midwife and her apprentice said that they love the fact that I am right on with measurements, etc.! I did gain 6 pounds in 3 weeks, but looking back at my records from when I was pregnant with Ethan, I am exactly where I was when I was 28 weeks pregnant with him! I didn't want to gain quite as much weight with this baby, but I just can't resist food - I feel like I have been way more hungry with this baby than I was with Ethan.

The midwife did a finger poke to check my iron levels - I'll find out in 2 weeks how they were. In the mean time, I have to keep a 3-day diet diary again - I should probably keep an ongoing diary, as it might keep me out of the cookie jar! She did a blood sugar test, but it was a little off, as I just had cereal and toast for breakfast so they converted to carbs and skewed my blood sugar. She will do another test next time, and I can make sure to eat better!

Steve and Ethan and I went to the park after lunch today to try and fly a kite. But the kite crashed into the ground and broke on only the 4th attempt to get it up. So we just played in the park instead. Steve commented that he is glad he owns his own business so he can spend more time with his family. Ethan had lots of fun trying to "walk" our black lab mutt Blue (he holds his leash very tight, and Blue usually ends up dragging Ethan along!). Steve took some pictures of my belly, so we will hopefully get those developed soon.

This week and next are very busy - I am working almost full-time - hopefully, I can eat enough cookies too keep my energy up!

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