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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31 ~ March 26, 2004
~ Letter to Baby

Dear Baby,

Do you think we are ready for you to make this entrance into the world? I don't feel like it!

Grammy is coming over this week to help me clean and get ready for you. I asked if she could come over to play with your big brother Ethan so I could clean, but I have a feeling she will clean and take care of Ethan!

I don't know if your big brother is ready for you. He just can't seem to share anything - especially me! Your cousin Maia was over this week (she is almost 2), and Ethan got very upset if I played with her or held her. And he tries to give Blue (our dog) a treat, but if Blue actually eats the treat, Ethan starts screaming. When we are out, Ethan will not sit in a cart or his stroller - he just wants me to carry him, but you take up a lot of room too!

I'm not quite sure how I will transport both of you around town. I hate double strollers, as they don't steer right and are very bulky. But I found a thing called a "Kiddy Board" that could attach to your stroller so Ethan can ride along. But I bet he will want to sit in the stroller where you will be lying!

You are so active right now. You love to be awake late in the evening (especially after I've eaten a big meal). It makes me laugh out loud to watch my belly jump and jiggle as you squirm around inside of me.

I had a dream about you last night. I dreamt that you were 7 pounds, 3 ounces and that you were a girl and we named you the name we are talking about. It was so real - but I still go back and forth each day of whether you are a girl or boy.

Sweet baby, I can't wait to hold you in my arms. Stay safe and warm!


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